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Brain Tumor Survivor Has Painted Almost Every Sunrise for the Past Seven Years

One morning, after she had two pear-sized tumors removed from her brain, Debbie Wagner decided to paint the sunrise. This became a daily ritual for her — a celebration of the life that she still had. For seven years, that’s what she’s done almost every day. Wagner explains: “When I look at a sunrise, it represents [...]

Cloud Shadow of Mt. Rainier

Photo: Nick Lippert Take a look at this: a phenomenal sunrise of Mt. Rainier in Washington state, where the volcano actually casts a sky shadow on the clouds! From Seattle’s Komo News: Mt. Rainier has quite a few tricks up its sleeve for [...]

Pikachu Sunrise

Photo: Luis Argerich – via Buzzfeed First it was Sunsquatch, now Pikachu sunrise! Argentinian photographer Luis Argerich took this photo of an unusual sunrise over Rio [...]

News producer photographs ’sun pillar’

Kim Insley noticed the phenomenon in a picture of a sunrise taken by producer Bea Chang. A ’sun pillar’ is a streak of light extending vertically abov…

Incredible Crepuscular Rays: Sunbeams Caught on Camera

Crepuscular rays – sunbeams to most of us – can be caught by a camera, mostly just after sunrise and just before sunset (hence the name). Many photographers will loiter for what seems an age to capture the right light and techniques used are known variously as The Golden Hour, Chiaroscura and the Rembrandt effect [...]