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Tropical Storm James T. Kirk

On Sunday, the US National Weather Service predicted the demise of then Tropical Storm, now Hurricane Kirk. Oh, NWS. Like a poor marksman, you keep missing the target. Link -via Theresa Coleman

Quiz: Did Andy Rooney Really Say That?

Andy Rooney announced today that Sunday will be his final 60 Minutes commentary. This likely means it’s the last time we can trot out this old Andy Rooney quote quiz. (Though I still hold out hope we can get an “Andy Rooney Observation or Kenny Bania Joke?” quiz together, which is one of the pairings [...]

The Spirited History of the American Bar

Christine Sismondo, author of the new book America Walks into a Bar, explains how the local tavern contributed mightily to what America is today. In colonial times, it was a place for people to discuss anything as equals. In taverns people could mix together: you see men drinking alongside the people they work for. Early laws [...]

Bishop: church services need to be shorter

The Bishop of Lichfield has raised eyebrows by suggesting that Sunday church services are too long. He argues that services have become too complicate…

Extreme Couponing

Good shoppers use coupons to save money. Extreme couponers have something a bit more in mind whenever they scour their Sunday circulars: they want stuff for free. That’s right: Free, as in zilch, zip and zero dollar. With a bit of knowledge and a lot of planning, the practitioner of “extreme couponing” can get a [...]

Pittsburgh vs. Green Bay

This Sunday, the Packers battle the Steelers in the Super Bowl. You may be a fan of either, and you may know all there is to know about football, but how much do you really know about the two cities? Test your knowledge of Green Bay, Wisconsin and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in this Lunchtime Quiz at [...]

Pear-shaped UFO spotted in Scotland

A motorist has reported seeing a mysterious object flying low over East Kilbride. On Sunday, January 8th, a motorist on the East Kilbride Expressway s…

Taiwan woman ‘marries’ herself

A Taiwanese woman said Sunday she had “married” herself by throwing a wedding banquet.The 30-year-old Chen Wei-yi, who has been an Internet sensation since announcing her “wedding” plans last month, held the ceremony in a Taipei hotel Saturday witnessed by 30 relatives and friends.”Marrying myself is a way of showing that I am confident and [...]

mental_floss Trivia Show, Windy City Edition!

Hey, Chicago Flossers: On Sunday, November 21st we’re bringing the (not yet) award-winning Mental Floss Trivia Show to the windy city. Tickets are just $10 when you purchase them online , and we’re donating all proceeds to 2 local charities– the Gads Hill New Horizons mentoring program, and the Better Tomorrow Education Fund. So, if you [...]

The mental_floss New York Trivia Show Is This Sunday!

If you live in the NYC area, please come out to the big mental_floss Trivia Show Sunday, Oct. 17th! It’s a free event and it’s being sponsored by Hannspree and Warner Home Video (they’re providing a whole bunch of electronics and DVD’s to give away)! Oh, and if that isn’t enough incentive: if you bring [...]