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Neil deGrasse Tyson Found Planet Krypton

We all know that Superman came from the Planet Krypton, but where exactly was that planet located before it exploded? Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson was asked by DC Comics to find it: I’ve often wondered exactly what kind of star Krypton orbited [...]

Alpha Centauri Has a Planet

Image: ESO/L. Calcada/N.Risinger ( Good news, everyone! Astronomers have discovered that Alpha Centauri, the closest known star system to our own Sun and subject to many science fiction classics, actually has an Earth-like planet: Alpha [...]

Astronaut Touching the Sun

For all of you who’ve held up the Leaning Tower of Pisa in clever forced-perspective photos, take a look at this photo and weep: NASA spacewalker Sunita Williams looks as if she’s reaching out to [...]

Photosynthetic Aphids

Image: Shipher Wu and Gee-way Lin/National Taiwan University – via Wikipedia Photosynthesis, the process of by which light energy is captured from the sun and turned into chemical energy, as any school children know, [...]

DIY Bionic Arms

Fifty-one year old Chinese fisherman Sun Jifa lost both of his arms when a homemade bomb he was making for blast fishing detonated prematurely. He couldn’t afford prosthetic limbs, so he decided to build his own. After [...]

Fake Science 101: 11 Brilliantly Inaccurate Scientific Explanations

A few years back we wrote about a hilarious blog called Fake Science, which deals in intentional pseudo-science. Now, the creator of that blog is unleashing Fake Science 101, a 272-page textbook for the fake-fact-loving science nerd in all of us. I had a chance to read the book. It’s really funny and packed with [...]

Solar storms warning puts world on alert

A peak in the Sun’s 10-year activity cycle could put the Earth at risk from disruptive solar storms. Power grids, satellites and communications system…

Distant solar system mirrors our own

Planets orbiting a sun-like star exhibit the closest layout to that of our own solar system yet seen. The system known as ‘Kepler 30′ contains a trio …

Temple of the Night Sun

Photo: Edwin Román, Brown University Archaeologists have discovered a Maya temple, lost for 1,600 years, deep in the Guatemalan jungle. Read more about the Temple of the Night Sun over at National Geographic: Some 1,600 [...]

Maya temple with giant faces discovered

The 1600-year-old Temple of the Night Sun has been located deep within the Guatemalan jungle. The giant masks adorning the structure depict the sun go…