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Pee Wee Themed Fun At Fafa’s Playhouse

(YouTube Link) FaFa’s Playhouse is brought to you by Glove and Boots and the letters P-W, as in Pee Wee Herman! Watch a couple of puppets pay homage to the comedic genius in a suit and bow tie known as Mr. Herman, aka Paul Reubens-a guy who’s worthy of puppet praise and accolades. And did we mention how [...]

Antique Samurai Armor Made For Dogs

It’s no secret that dogs have fought alongside their human masters for centuries, so setting them up with a sweet suit of armor seems like the best way to prove that dogs really are man’s best friend. This suit of doggy armor dates back to the Edo period of Japanese history, and even though it wasn’t [...]

Speedo’s New Record-Breaking Swimsuit

It was just last night that I noticed that no Olympic swimmers are wearing the hi-tech full-body LZR suits that were all over the Beijing Olympics in 2008. It turns out those were banned by Olympic officials. The new rules, in effect since 2010, permit only “jammers,” suits from the kneecap to navel for men, and [...]

Goat Man Mystery Solved

Earlier this month, photographer Coty Creighton spotted something strange in a Utah mountain: a man dressed in goat suit trailing behind a herd of goats on his hands and knees. The "goat man" became an [...]

Suit of Armor Hoodie

Chadwick John DIllon made this hoodie that looks like a suit of armor. It’s so awesome that he sells them in his Etsy shop, but it may be a little while before you can order yours, since everyone wants one, and the store is temporarily offline. But you can see more pictures at Laughing Squid. [...]

Paralyzed Woman Completed London Marathon in a Bionic Suit

Sixteen days after the London Marathon began, 32-year-old Claire Thomas completed the race. Before you think that’s awfully slow, be assured that it’s quite a remarkable achievement: See, Claire is paralyzed form the chest down [...]

What Female Comic Characters Wear in Cold Weather

Sure a leafy bathing suit is sexy, but it’s not exactly comfortable in the cool weather. That’s why Hanie Mohd has given some of the most famous ladies of comics new costumes that are a lot more comfortable for chilly seasons. Link Via io9

Hilarious Ad For The Dollar Shave Club

(YouTube Link) The Dollar Shave Club wants to sell you razors so you can get busy shaving your hairiest body parts, and with this ad cutting through the interwebs I’m sure they’ll be chin deep in loot in no time. Selling shaving razors club style for a few bucks a month doesn’t sound like the best idea [...]

Suit simulates physical effects of ageing

Scientists at MIT have created a special suit that simulates the physical difficulties of old age. Volunteers tried out the suit on a trip to the supe…

MIT Researchers Develop Suit That Lets You Feel Like You’re 75 Years Old

But if you’re ninty-five, does it help you feel younger? Probably not. AGNES, a sophisticated suit developed by researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, is designed to help people understand through personal experience what it’s like to get old: AGNES simulates a gerontological atmosphere in retail, public transportation, and workplace environments. Braces and bands mimic [...]