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The 25 Greatest Christmas Treats for Chocolate Lovers

Just clicking on the link will send your blood sugar level soaring. Foodbeast rounded up 25 Christmas-themed chocolate concoctions. My favorite is Erica’s strawberry Christmas brownie bites. She made them with pipeable frosting, fondant, candy balls and disco dust. Link | Photo: Erica’s Sweet Tooth

10 Awesome Holiday Jell-O Shots

Candy canes, sugar cookies, fruit cake, pumpkin pie and egg nog -sounds like a great holiday party dessert table, but if you want to kick your party up a notch, then why not make those same great treats into Jell-O shots instead? Here are 10 great gellatin shots that I can’t wait to make for [...]

Cucumber Jalapeño Popsicles

Simultaneously cold and hot, Steve’s popsicles will give you a delicious if confusing experience. They’re made of just cucumbers, peppers, sugar and lime juice. Link -via Tasteologie

Rethink Your Drink

The post doesn’t say who made this display, but it’s a great way to visualize the amount of sugar in what you drink. Personally, I prefer black coffee with my sugar on the side in the form of a doughnut; that’s easy to visualize. Link -via Nag on the Lake

Game of Thrones Peeps

It’s a stirring song of ice and sugar. “So as long as I am your king, saccharin will never go unpunished.” Michael Y. Park recreated six scenes from Game of Thrones with peeps. Link -via io9

Edible Helium Balloon

(Video Link) Chefs at Chicago’s Alinea Restaurant devised a way to shape sugar into balloons, and then inflated the balloons with helium. How do you eat a sugar balloon? It’s not that different from eating a regular balloon. Link -via That’s Nerdalicious!

Scientists Create Cyborg Cockroach with Own Power Source

Apparently, surviving a nuclear holocaust isn’t enough. Science has created a cyborg cockroach, complete with its own power source. What could possibly go wrong? In a first step toward making these technologically enhanced insects [...]

Why You Always Have Room for Dessert

At Christmas dinner this year, you may find yourself stuffed to capacity, unable to eat another bite…until you see a scrumptious dessert. Now, scientists know why. It’s because your stomach gets bigger when you eat sugar: The sugar in sweet foods stimulates a reflex that expands your stomach, writes senior researcher Arnold Berstad and assistant doctor [...]

Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy on a Glass Harp

(Video Link) I’ve long found the Sugar Plum Fairy to be among the most enchanting parts of The Nutcracker. Here’s a performance by Anna and Arkadiusz Szafraniec, a duo that plays a glass harp so large that it covers five octaves. -via The Hairpin | Performers’ Website | Previously: Sugar Plum Fairy on Tesla Coils

10 Odd Ways To Get Rid of Flies

Every once in a while, a summer comes along in which you are desperate and will try anything to get rid of these flies. Luckily, that’s not this summer for me. But you can imagine the situations that caused people to try out these methods. Maybe you could use a homemade fly trap: - Sugar trap. [...]