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On The Origin of Success

A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step. A blog of a thousand posts starts with a single word. But what about successful people, companies, and inventions? How did they get their start? What [...]

Company produces cards from elephant dung

A company in India is enjoying success with its own unique take on the traditional greetings card. Ijender Shekhawat’s “Elephant Stamp” business produ…

Shenzhou-9 capsule returns to Earth

China’s latest space mission has been a resounding success as the crew landed after 13 days. The mission played a pivotal role in China’s ambition to …

Neil Gaiman’s Commencement Speech on Creative Careers

“Nothing I did, where the only reason for doing it was the money, was ever worth it except as bitter experience. Usually I didn’t end up getting the money either. The things I did because I was excited and wanted to see them exist in reality have never let me down, and I’ve [...]

The Obscura Society

Atlas Obscura had a great success earlier this year with Obscura Day, a project to get people all over involved in their local geography and interesting places. It was so successful that they are now forming The Obscura Society, a club in which people not only explore places, but share their experiences with others. Born of [...]

13 Peaceful Protests and Whether They Worked

© Julie Dermansky/Julie Dermansky/Corbis The Occupy Wall Street demonstrations have been going on for over a month. From one side, we hear that the occupiers are a bunch of naive kids who need to change out of their hemp ponchos and take a shower if they want to be taken seriously. Others say the demonstrators are [...]

The Secrets of Insect Wings

Insects are so numerous and so varied that are an evolutionary success story. Much of this success is attributed to an insect’s wings, which can do so many things besides fly. Different bugs use their wings to communicate, attract a mate, hide, protect themselves, and more. Wired has a gallery of close-up views of the [...]

I Can Has NMA Treatment?

(YouTube link) Ben Huh, who found success with I Can Has Cheezburger and its many spinoff sites, recently secured $30 million in investment funding. That may sound like success, but the real sign that you’ve arrived is when NMA makes an animation of your story for Asian news outlets. -via Laughing Squid

Is Your Child a Dandelion or an Orchid?

An article in the December 2009 issue of The Atlantic poses a fascinating scientific question: do some children’s genes give them a greater risk of failure, but also a greater chance for success, if they’re raised under the right circumstances? Such children are dubbed “orchid children” David Dobbs’s piece The Science of Success. The comparison [...]

Criticism surrounds "Fourth Kind" movie

With the success of Paranormal Activity at the cinemas this year all eyes have been on The Fourth Kind to see whether it can also deliver, claimin…