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Ketchup Request on Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich Caused Sandwich Artist to Attack

At Subway, you can have your Philly cheese steak sandwich any way you like. Except with ketchup. Them are fightin’ words to a serious sandwich artist: Luis Martinez said he stopped by a Subway shop in a Walmart on South [...]

A Musical Performance On The New York Subway

(Vimeo Link) I’m pretty sure this New York subway performance by the Stay Human band was well rehearsed, mainly because of the perfect camera angles and posed players, but that doesn’t make it any less fun to watch! Dig on some soulful subway grooves, played by some dapper fellows who always travel in style and like to [...]

The Gastric Subway

Steven McGaughey is a medical student by day and "design nerd" by night. He created this clever map, The Gastric Subway, a tongue-in-cheek subway map version of the human digestive system. We all know [...]

The Subway Station Covered In Pixel Art

You know your city’s subway station is clean and vandal free when awesome works of art, like these 8 bit artworks made out of tile, cover the walls without fear of being defaced. This subway station in Stockholm, Sweden is full of cool pixel art featuring Pac Man, Space Invaders, and other designs that show the [...]

Aboard the L Train, Luncheon Is Served

Imagine a fancy luncheon -served on a subway train! That’s exactly what happened in New York City on Sunday, aboard the L train bound for Brooklyn. The guests only knew they were there for an “underground dining experience.” What they got was an experience, all right. The event was the work of several supper clubs, and [...]

Extreme Sleeping, Part 2

“QUANTUM SHOT” #691Link – Tired! (Getting sleep, no matter what) Planning to sleep in on a weekend, get some well deserved rest? Check out these extreme sleep positions… We’ve covered the emergence of this new urban “sport” before – see Part 1. Since then, new sleep yoga tips and tricks were captured on camera… among them: “Rope [...]

NYC Subway Quilt

The design of this handcrafted item from Whole Cloth Quilts is taken from a vintage New York City subway map. Karyn, the quilter, made it as a wall hanging. It’s compact enough in size that, in an emergency, it could be taken off the wall and used to navigate the subway system. Link -via Not Martha

NYC Subway Map Turned into a Musical Instrument

(Video Link) Alexander Chen took Massimo Vignelli’s iconic 1972 map of the New York City subway system and turned it into a musical instrument. The routes are treated like strings, and whenever a train intersects a string, that string is plucked: Length determines pitch, with longer strings playing lower notes. When a string is in the middle [...]

Mighty Wallets: Map Series

(L) The L Mighty Wallet (M) The Underground Mighty Wallet (R) NYC Subway Map Mighty Wallet – $14.95 You’ll never be lost at the subway with these Mighty Wallets from the NeatoShop! The clever and super-strong Tyvek-made wallets are printed with maps from various subway systems, like the ‘L’ in Chicago, the London Underground, and the [...]

Blizzard Hits NYC and So Does Star Wars

We have seen examples of the New York City snowfall in the Snow in the Subway and the December 2010 Blizzard Timelapse posts here at Neatorama. A different view on this extreme weather comes from Henry Hargreaves – an artist based in Williamsburg, Brooklyn – who took photos around his neighborhood and gave them a [...]