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Submarine Luggage Tag

Submarine Luggage Tag – $4.95 Planning a trip this Holiday Season? Make sure you can spot your luggage with the Submarine Luggage Tag from the NeatoShop. This yellow tag is sure to help you spot your bag amongst that sea of other black bags.  Be sure to check out the NeatoShop for more great Travel Accessories.  Link

Inside a Creepy Abandoned Soviet Submarine

It was decommissioned in 1995, but a step inside this Foxtrot B-39 (U 475) Russian submarine is enough to send you back to the Cold War. This Soviet submarine would spend weeks submerged with a full contingent of men crammed into the steel tube. Read more about it and see plenty of pictures at Environmental [...]

16 Awesome Sea-Themed Rooms

If you’ve always fantasized about living like a sailor, but can’t stand getting seasick, then you can always do the next best thing and decorate your home like a boat or submarine. It might sound cheesy in theory, but sometimes these designs look downright awesome, as evidenced by the rooms in this great WebUrbanist article. Link

Sketches from Leonardo da Vinci’s Notebook: The Large Hadron Collider

You may already know about Leonardo da Vinci’s submarine design, or his sketches for helicopters, parachutes and airplanes. But you not have seen his plan for a compact muon solenoid detector, almost identical to the one now used by CERN in its Large Hadron Collider. That, at least, is the idea behind this drawing by [...]

James Cameron to visit the real abyss

The movie director will descend seven miles under the ocean in a submarine that he helped design. Only two people have ever been to the bottom of the …

A Submarine Shaped Like A Killer Whale

Become one with the killer whales by riding around inside them! This slick Orca shaped submarine brings sexy back to the beach, and mammals riding around inside a mammal shaped vehicle means twice the mammalian madness! This baby can breach just like the Son of Sharktopus, has a high speed of 25 mph, and it’s got [...]

A Gallery Of Weird Chinese Inventions

The inventions that make up this gallery are strange, unquestionably handmade, and many seem quite useful. Like the one man paddle submarine pictured above, they look like clever and inventive ways to get around, and may not seem so strange when your town gets hit by a flood. However, personal safety clearly wasn’t a consideration when these [...]

Yellow Submarine Cake

All photos: Carla Ikeda [Flickr] I’ve got a feeling that it probably took Carla Ikeda of Dentro Do Forno (previously on Neatorama) more than a hard’s day night to create The Beatles’ Yellow Submarine cake. (And how could one cut into such a cake? I’d just let it be …) So money can’t buy you love, but [...]

How the Beatles Revolutionized Animation

A person would be hard-pressed to argue that the Beatles didn’t revolutionize music; even the youngest of today’s kids has heard a song by or inspired by the band. (My six-year-old, for her part, is a fan of the movie Across the Universe and her Kindergarten class performed “Yellow Submarine” at last year’s graduation.) But [...]

‘Fluid cloak’ for stealth submarines

A new approach to submarine design could help to keep them hidden from detection by enemies. The concept involves a “fluid cloak”, channelling water a…