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Farmer "Hand-Farts" a Song and Stares Intensely at the Camera

Let this be the weirdest thing you see all weekend (please). This Universal Newsreel from 1933 introduces farmer Cecil H. Dill, whose Stupid Human Trick is Letterman-worthy stupid: he performs Yankee Doodle by squeaking his hands together. Even weirder than hand farts, if you can believe it, is the way Dill looks as he tells his [...]

Blow Huge Bubbles With Baby Shampoo

I’m not sure whether this counts as a science video or just a “stupid human trick,” but either way: did you know that baby shampoo lets you blow huge bubbles from your mouth? Brandon Hardesty thinks it’s AMAZING. And it kind of is. Amaze your babies, your friends, your pets…but maybe not your parents. This is [...]