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David Blaine undertakes ‘electrifying’ stunt

American illusionist and stuntman David Blaine has started his latest feat of endurance in New York. Having previously made headlines with stunts that…

Mark Malkoff’s Netflix Challenge

(YouTube link) Since you pay for Netflix by the month, how low can you bring the price-per-movie down by watching as many as you can? Mark Malkoff tried to find out, by devoting a month to the experiment. I don’t see how he did it, because I couldn’t find anywhere near that many movies I’d care [...]

Blackboard War

(YouTube link) More than 2,500 still photos were taken to make this video. At first, you’ll wonder why they used stop-motion animation, but it soon becomes necessary. Then there are a few “how did they do that?” moments. If you like it, continue for the improved photographic stunts in the sequel. -via Metafilter Blackboard War II (YouTube [...]

Wham-O Wheelie Bar

(YouTube link) I never bought a wheelie bar, but this ad from 1966 brings back memories of doing stunts on my old spider bike, like standing on the seat… Then my mother instincts kicked in. Hey! These kids aren’t just riding without helmets, they aren’t even wearing shoes! And who encourages their kids to do wheelies, [...]

Daredevil Balances Chair on Glasses over Precipice

(YouTube Link) French daredevil Henri Rochatin, now 65, has been performing stunts since the age of 5. In this video, he balances on a chair on two glasses which are on top of another chair, which is balanced on four glasses, over a precipice 12,486 feet high in the French Alps. via The Presurfer