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Live and Let Die Crocodile Jump

(YouTube link) In the 1973 film Live and Let Die, James Bond crosses a creek by jumping on the backs of series of crocodiles. Stunt man Ross Kananga, who suggested the stunt in the first place, did five takes to get the scene just right. The crocodiles came awfully close, once even tearing his pants leg. [...]

Daredevil survives cliff edge stunt disaster

Base jumper Richard Henriksen was caught on camera when a daredevil stunt went horribly wrong. Henrikson’s latest stunt involving the use of gymnastic…

Zombie makes US presidential bid

In a publicity stunt for ‘The Walking Dead’, a zombie is attempting to become the next US president. Mr A. Zombie and his wife Patty Morgan-Zombie arr…

7 Groundbreaking Specialty Acts

Imagine that you had one very specific talent -something unusual, that people would normally never encounter in their everyday lives. Could you make a living doing it? Maybe, if you were willing to put the necessary time, effort, and imagination into your act. After all, if Joseph Pujol could make a living by farting, anything [...]

Danny MacAskill’s Industrail Revolutions

Just think of it as parkour … but on wheels. Stunt cyclist Danny MacAskill (AKA Danny MegaSkill) shows off his mad skillz in this clip “Industrail Revolutions.” Hit play or go to Link [YouTube] Previously on Neatorama: Parkour on Two Wheels: Danny MacAskill Rides a Bike

The Quick 10: The Unbelievable Early Jobs of 10 Successful People

As the saying goes, “Everybody’s gotta start somewhere,” but during these trying times, many people are simply looking to start. It’s comforting, then, to hear about the unusual first jobs of people who went on to bigger and better and more lucrative things. 1. Michael Dell The founder and CEO of Dell Computers began working at the [...]

The Quick 10: 10 Publicity Stunts Gone Bad

You’ve probably heard the old saying “any publicity is good publicity,” but these 10 stunts gone awry prove that’s not so. 1. A couple of days ago, two masked men wearing dark clothes ran through Dell’s headquarters in Round Rock, Texas, brandishing “small metallic items” and yelling at employees to go to the lobby. Although it [...]

In Which I Set Myself On Fire

Theodore Gray (featured previously at Neatorama) teaches us how stunt men can go around in flames. By setting himself on fire. On video. There are a few perks to my job as a mad scientist, and one of them, as I recently learned, is being able to tell my colleagues that I can’t attend their terribly [...]

Twitter hosts world’s first online seance

In a Halloween publicity stunt the world’s first ever online seance conducted via Twitter proved popular and allegedly succeeded in contacting…

Giuliano Stroe 5 year bodybuilder 6 pack

Beef cake: Five-year-old Giuliano Stroe shows off his impressive physique A muscle-bound boy has been entered into the Guinness Book of Records after performing an incredible physical stunt. Romanian Giuliano Stroe, five, has been training since the age of two in Italy – where he lives with his family – and now the hard work has [...]