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15 Offbeat Holidays You Can Celebrate in November

Turkey day may be the main event in the second-to-last month of the year, but there are plenty of unusual holidays to fill your November days with celebration. 1. November 2nd: National Plan Your Epitaph Day Getty Images Whether you’re morbid or just really on top of planning ahead, take the day to decide which of your [...]

Chinese Families with All of Their Worldly Possessions

Think you’ve got a lot of stuff? Well, you do – in comparison to these families in China as photographed by Huang Qingjun, who has spent the last decade travelling to remote parts of the country to persuade people [...]

Join the mental_floss Reader Panel!

We have big goals for One way you guys can help—besides just showing up to read our stuff, of course—is to join the mental_floss Reader Panel! Step one: tell us a little about yourself. Who you are, what you do, where you live, whether you’re a cat person or a dog person, how you [...]

Barbie Power Loader

Barbie and Ken aren’t together anymore, so it’s time to remove Ken’s stuff from the apartment. This power loader by Instructables member Mario Caicedo Langer will expedite the process. As you can see from the video at the link, it’s actually powered and ready for action. Link -via Super Punch

The Late Movies: Flight of the Conchords

New Zealand hunkthrob band Flight of the Conchords recently recorded a brilliant new song, “Feel Inside (and Stuff Like That),” for charity. Seeing Bret and Jemaine back in action, I thought it was time to look back at some of their greatest hits (and stuff like that). “Feel Inside (and Stuff Like That)” In order to [...]

I Wasn’t Texting

The more fun stuff we can cram into our phones, the more people think it’s just a “little” distraction. Please don’t draw and drive. This Twaggie was illustrated by MacLeod Cartoons from a Tweet by @andypitz. See a new Tweet illustrated every day at Twaggies. Link

TARDIS Shed Guarded By A Dalek

What’s the best way to protect the stuff crammed into your garden shed? Post a friendly Dalek out front and watch trespassers get the extermination they deserve. This Doctor Who approved TARDIS shed and Dalek statue were created by Einstein19, who created these fun backyard additions a decade ago and finally decided to share them with [...]

The Clutter Culture

Does your garage look like the photo above? You’re not alone. According to research by anthropologists published in a new book Life at Home in the Twenty-first Century, 75% of garages in the United [...]

How Fake Snow Works

Last Christmas, I received a curious gift: a tiny bag of white crystals labeled Fake Snow. “Just add water,” it said. So I did. And the crazy stuff puffed up unbelievably, forming a white-ish snow-like substance. Even weirder, the bag indicated that the snow could be dried out and reused [...]

Strange Animated Short – Ean’s Day

(YouTube Link) This strange yet stylish animated short is entitled Ean’s Day, and it stars a cube headed fellow who…well…does stuff and things are all trippy and stuff. It’s a weird yet fun waste of three and a half minutes of your life, if you’re into odd bits of animated nonsense. It’s free to try, and if you [...]