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Portal Space Core Robot Lands In Skyrim

(YouTube Link) Ever since Bethesda Studios released the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Toolkit, which allows users to freely modify their gaming experience, things have been getting a little weird. From tiny Nords to Frostbite Spiders that resemble a deformed Spider Man to swords lit up like light sabers, gamers have been going to town with the toolkit, [...]

Share This Ultimate GIF For The Holidays

This animated GIF by Matt Layzell of Treat Studios celebrates the epic awesomeness of the holidays with a bright, splashy display that could only be improved by playing Iron Maiden  in the background. Share this one with someone who doesn’t believe in Santa Claus, to warn them against getting their name stuck on the Naughty List. Link [...]

Steampunk Pumpkin

Thomas Willeford of Brute Force Studios has released a guide on how to make your very own steampunk pumpkin for Halloween: Link [PDF] – via GeekDad

Walt Disney’s Secret Tragedy

Disneyland may be the happiest place on earth, but the man behind it wasn’t. Behind the popular movies, the theme park empire and the Mouse, Walt Disney carried a tragedy with him that he refused to speak about even with his family members. When Walt was growing up, his parents (that’s Walt and his mom in [...]

Shopping Cart Lounger

Mike Bouchet of Cumulus Studios in Miami converted steel shopping carts into functional lounge chairs: They are constructed from existing supermarket shopping carts. The metal is bent back and forward to create the shape of the seat and the child’s seat is reconfigured into an adjustable head rest. Sensible yet comfy cushions complete the lounge. Several [...]

Foley Artist Tools Of The Trade

Did you ever wonder how everyday sounds are recreated in film? Foley artists (named after Jack Foley of Universal Studios circa 1927) create the ambient sounds that make a film sound authentic. The image above is a toolkit for the artists that helps them create the “everyday” sounds you hear in movies such as the [...]

The Nightmares of Edgar Allan Potato Head

With apologies to Edgar Allan Poe and English teachers everywhere, Eric Krasner of CineGraphic Studios present this wonderful short film of The Nightmares of Edgar Allan Potato Head. Hit play or go to Link [YouTube]

Emergency Escape Plan

Poster by Lebedev Studios From the people at Art Lebedev Studios, this poster would make a great wall decoration while serving as a reference guide in case of the unthinkable. And oh yeah, it glows in the dark. Link. Previously, Lebedev’s See-Through Tractor Trailer.

Not-Right Nativities

Photo: Podkayne Studios Etsy seller Podkayne Studios sells nativity sets that remember the Christmas story just a little bit differently. Dinosaur, Star Wars, Pokémon, Indiana Jones and other themes are available. Link via Geekologie