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Simpsons Chairs

It’s not a couch gag, but it’s close. 56th Studio, a design firm in Bangkok, made chairs in the images of four characters from The Simpsons. May I suggest a high chair inspired by little Maggie, who is conspicuously absent? Link | Studio Website

The Virtual IKEA

The oh-so-sleek-and-modern IKEA kitchen you’ve been coveting may turn out to be just a fantasy. That’s because the Swedish furniture giant is using virtual 3-D digital imaging rather than studio photography to produce its [...]

Tactical Lamp

The Sketchy Design Studio’s Andromeda project is a lamp that looks like a modern rifle. It features three Picantinny rails which are not only stylish, but functional. They can be used to adjust the height or attach accessories, such as a scope or a bayonet. Link -via Everyday, No Days Off

Tattoo Parlor Ad on Calfskin

For edgy tattoo studio Chaos Crew, a poster just won’t do. For its ad campaign, the Bavarian tattoo artists opted to tattoo the most important events of 2011 on a calfskin. Get Addicted To blog has the post and video clip: [...]

Space Invaders Bathroom

If you’re not in a position to actually play Space Invaders while in the bathroom, this tilework will at least remind you that you should. The architecture studio OneByNine remodeled an apartment in Hong Kong to make the bathroom experience exciting. Link -via Walyou | Studio Website

The Late Movies: Happy Birthday, Billy Joel!

Today the Piano Man turns 63. To celebrate, here are ten of his greatest hits (my favorites), arranged in chronological order. Looking back on it, it’s stunning how many hit records Billy Joel released — according to Wikipedia, his catalogue includes “13 studio albums, 5 live albums, 59 singles, and 11 compilation albums.” [...]

Paul Gauguin, Sans Pants, Playing a Harmonium

It was 1895, and in the studio of Alphonse Mucha. That’s all the context that we have. We don’t know why Post-Impressionist painter Paul Gauguin took off his pants. But we should not be surprised. William-Adolphe Bouguereau would live for another ten years, but the Academic traditions of realistic representation and wearing pants were already [...]

Mind-controlled skateboard developed

A mobile app studio has invented a skateboard that takes commands direct from the rider’s brainwaves. Called the ‘Board of Imagination’ the device is …

Clothespin Critters

Open wide, Sebastian! The crafting studio Molas & Co. is devoted to one thing: finding art and amusement in the hinge of a clothespin. This chameleon is one of many hungry clothespin animals. Link -via Chantal van der Velden-Mullens | Crafter’s Website

Classical Music as a Roller Coaster Ride

Animation studio Virtual Republic turned classical music by German composer Ferdinand Ries into a rollercoaster ride for this clever ad for the Zurich Chamber Orchestra. The musical notes are synchronized, so the visual part of the rollercoaster [...]