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Rejected Pitches For E.T.

(YouTube Link) This goofy little comedy video is part of a web series called Rejected Pitches, and this episode focuses on Spielberg and some studio execs sitting around talking about E.T. After watching this video I’ll never think of that wrinkly little brown alien with the glowing finger the same way ever again! –via Geek Tyrant

5 Geniuses Who Renounced Their Work

by Clay Wirestone It’s tough being brilliant. It’s even tougher when you hate your own masterpieces. 1. Tony Kaye The Forgotten History of American History X Before director Tony Kaye embarked on his first feature film, 1997’s American History X, he’d already been declared a genius of the advertising world. Kaye was famous for taking months to craft [...]

13 Hitchcock Films That Were Never Made

Even legendary directors like Alfred Hitchcock don’t always get their way. Over the course of his illustrious career, Hitchcock had to abandon quite a few projects due to budgetary concerns, issues with stars, the whims of studio heads, or in some cases simply his own instincts that the film wasn’t going to turn out very [...]