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Woman Obtained Restraining Order Against Helicopter Parents

Got helicopter parents? A 21-year-old theatre student named Aubrey Ireland does, and she had to go to court to obtain a civil stalking restraining order against them after telling the judge that they attempted [...]

Could paintball one day save the planet ?

A graduate student from Massachusetts has developed a method to deflect an asteroid using paintballs. Sung Wook Paek’s proposal to save the world from…

Human Anatomical Terms That Sound Like Places You Would Go See on a Vacation

Samuel Arbesman, a doctoral student in computational biology, can get into all of your nooks and crannies. Like these: Prussack’s SpaceFissure of RolandoMcBurney’s PointAnterior HornAlcock’s CanalHesselbach’s TriangleLoop of Henle Officially, you can get into Hesselbach’s Triangle for free, but the parking fee is outrageously expensive. Read the rest at the link. Link -via Joe Carter | Photo: Female Reproductive [...]

Print Postcards That Smell Like Your Favorite Foods

This odd yet clever little device prints out postcards imbued with the scent of your favorite foods. Created by Zhu Jingxuan, a student at Donghua University’s Fashion & Art Design Institute, this device is tentatively called the Food Printer, and it’s a great way to show the dieters in your life what they’re missing! Link  –via DesignTAXI

Student Caught with 35 ft-long Cheat Sheet

There’s cheating, and then there’s this Borat-style stunt from a student in Kazakhstan: A high school student has been expelled after being caught with a 35ft (11 metres) long crib sheet wrapped around his body [...]

Why College Tuition Gets More Expensive Year After Year

Pop quiz: why does college tuition get more and more expensive each year? Answer: because it can. Jacob Goldstein of NPR explains the why the "sticker price," that is the full price colleges list in their brochures, keep [...]

Homeless on Purpose

Being homeless is one thing most of us avoid at all costs, but not this college student. Shane Dussault, a philosophy major at McGill University in Montreal, Canada, chooses to be homeless voluntarily: Inside one [...]

Lawsuit: Defendant Breached a Duty Not to Shoot Bottle Rockets Out of His Bottom

Beer + fraternity = lawsuit: A college student claims he was injured when a fraternity member in a “drunken stupor” decided “that it would be a good idea to shoot bottle rockets out of his anus,” and did so, “but instead of launching, the bottle rocket blew up in the defendant’s rectum, and this startled the [...]

Electronic Suspenders Remind You to Sit up Straight

Tobias Sonne, a student at Carnegie Mellon University, developed a pair of suspenders that encourage the user to sit up straight. He attached a strip of conductive fabric to one side. When it’s compacted, a buzzer activates. It’s not bad. But, as Lauren McCarthy’s Happiness Hat demonstrates, an electric shock would probably be more effective. [...]

Blue Jeans: Three Months, No Washing

How long can you wear the same pair of jeans without washing them? The most common answer you hear is “one semester.” An Australian researcher (and college student) put the question to the test by asking volunteers to wear a pair of jeans five days a week for three months straight. Melbourne researcher Tullia Jack recruited [...]