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3eanuts – Peanuts Comics Minus the Last Panel

3eanuts catalogs Peanuts cartoon strips, minus the fourth panel. It’s similar in spirit to De-Garfed (in which Garfield’s thoughts are removed from the Garfield strip) and other crazy Garfield variants. But in this one, it’s about existential aloneness, despair, hopelessness — pretty rough stuff for a comic strip. Here’s what author Daniel Leonard says about [...]

The Solowheel

The wheel from the comic strip B.C. is now a real product! The Solowheel is sort of a minimalist Segway, consisting of only a wheel and foot platforms. It should be available sometime this month for $1,500. See more pictures and a video at Gizmodo. Link -via the Presurfer

Scientists Fold DNA into Möbius Strips

A Möbius strip is a ribbon of material that has only one side. A group of nanotechnology researchers experimenting with manipulating tiny objects was able to reshape a DNA strand into a Möbius strip. The ability to create complex structures on the tiniest of scales is one of the great challenges of nanotechnology. In particular, chemists [...]

Möbius Comic Strip

Artist Jim Woodring made a comic strip on a Möbius strip — a flat surface with only one side. At the link, you can view a video as well as each panel in this repeating story. Link via Nerdcore Previously: How to Make a Looty d’Holbachie Yoko’s Syrup 82.

Calvin & Hobbes Snowmen

The comic strip Calvin & Hobbes often included Calvin’s disturbing snowmen. We’ve previously featured one such scene recreated with real snowmen, but WebUrbanist has a post filled with them. Link via Nerdcore

3 American Border Disputes You Probably Never Studied

This article was originally posted last year. When America was being divvied up, surveyors and cartographers were as accurate as possible drawing the boundaries between these new regions. Unfortunately, mistakes were still made. And minor map mistakes led to years of fighting—sometimes in the courts, and sometimes on the field of battle. 1. The Toledo War: [...]

A Building Shaped Like a Möbius Strip

Image: BIG Architects Kazakhstan has commissioned BIG Architects to build a library and cultural center in the city of Astana. The design that the firm submitted in response is shaped like a Möbius strip — a structure that has only one side: The building itself is a complicated juxtaposition of different ideas and concepts. It forms a [...]