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Alligator Guitar

Rhinehart of Athens, Ohio sculpts and paints beautifully eccentric but fully functional guitars. Many are shaped like fish, the rear ends of horses, birds and dragons. This alligator is a lap steel guitar: Modeled on the Fender 8-string Stringmaster and Deluxe steels featuring 2 pickups with volume, tone, and blend for dialing in the perfect tone [...]

Listen To These Posters Playing A Pretty Tune

(YouTube Link) Indie band Dry The River came up with an extremely unique way to advertise the release of their debut album “Shallow Bed”-they hung up string art posters all over London that can be listened to via attached can, like a schoolyard string phone with a band on the other end of the line. The posters [...]

String Theory

Actually, string theory is something completely different, but it’s a cute title for this geometry problem at Futility Closet. A boy has his toy boat in the water, and he is pulling it to shore by a string. If he pulls in one yard of string, will the boat advance a yard, or less than [...]

Who Was the Unknown Rebel?

This month marks the anniversary of an amazing act of nonviolent protest by a man whose name we still don’t know. As a string of tanks – 17 or 18 in all, though you can only see a few in the pictures – rolled near Tiananmen Square on June 5, 1989, this unknown man, his [...]

Sausage Magnets

Nothing makes your memos and to-do list more delicious than the string of Sausage Magnets ($9.95) from the NeatoShop. You can cut out the individual sausages to share or use separately, too: Link | More fun Office and Desk items

NYC Subway Map Turned into a Musical Instrument

(Video Link) Alexander Chen took Massimo Vignelli’s iconic 1972 map of the New York City subway system and turned it into a musical instrument. The routes are treated like strings, and whenever a train intersects a string, that string is plucked: Length determines pitch, with longer strings playing lower notes. When a string is in the middle [...]

He Had to Steal to Pay for His Defense

Michael Elias of San Antonio, Texas has been arrested several times for a string of burglaries over several months. His latest arrest was for two burglaries, one in June and the other in November. Police said they recovered fingerprints from both locations that later proved to be Elias’s. The affidavit shows that after his arrest, Elias told [...]

Here’s to a Swift Recovery

Sisso suffered from an injured right wing over eight months ago. Fortunately, the little swift was taken in by an Israeli animal hospital, where he is now undergoing extensive physical therapy. Originally, he just flapped around on the ground trying to regain his flight skills, but the veterinarians at the clinic decided to help him practice [...]

Charge by String

Remember when you were a kid and you pulled a string to make a toy do something? Well, I do! Now that principle can charge your batteries. The YoGen hand-held charger was displayed at the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) in Las Vegas, where its developers showed how a pull of a string will recharge your [...]

A Brief History of Christmas Tree Lights

Like Bert and Ernie or pork and fennel, Christmas trees and lights were made for each other. But how did stringing up a few hundred twinkling lights on a pine tree become a normal part of Christmas merrymaking? Make Like a Tree and Get in the House Well, it all started with the pagans. The ritual use [...]