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The Psychological Advantage of Bonding with Batman

Do you feel more confident and powerful after watching a superhero movie? Researchers led by Ariana Young of the University of Buffalo studied this emotional effect. They asked 98 young men how they felt about Batman and Spider-Man and showed them pictures of the heroes, depicted with variously muscular or normal physiques. Researchers then asked the [...]

Strength & Beauty Wonder Woman Mug

Strength & Beauty Wonder Woman Mug – $12.95 Is your Mom an amazing woman? Show her how much you love her by getting her the Strength & Beauty Wonder Woman Mug from the NeatoShop. She will probably love your gift so much that she will offer to make you a snack and do your laundry. Isn’t [...]

Ancient traditions give Japanese strength

Japanese turn to Buddhist and Shinto traditions for strength after the earthquake and tsunami. At a time of unbelievable devastation to the world’s th…

Slag from Ancient Copper Mines Shows that the Earth’s Magnetic Field Was Much Stronger 3,000 Years Ago

The Earth’s magnetic field fluctuates in intensity. But until recently, most scientists thought that it wouldn’t change more than 16% in a century. Slag recovered from a 3,000-year old Egyptian copper mine indicates that the magnetic field could double in just 20 years. Ron Shaar of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem explained: Their measurements, plus theoretical [...]

Modern man a wimp says anthropologist

Anthropologist Peter McAllister has claimed that modern man is far inferior to most prehistoric males who would have possessed superior strength a…