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Street Ghosts

Street artist Paolo Cirio is taking images of people who are enshrined forever on Google Street View and putting them in their places in the real world, a project he calls Street Ghosts. So far, New York City, London, and Berlin have paper images of the people captured on Street View placed in the exact [...]

Address Is Approximate

(vimeo link) Office toys go on a road trip the only way they can, with the help of Google Street View and stop-motion animation in this animation by Tom Jenkins. Read more about this video at the Atlantic. Link -via Metafilter

Rorschmap Uses Google Maps to Make Crazy Kaleidoscopic Images

I have spent hours just typing in a random location and using Google Maps to “visit” it with the street view application. If that wasn’t entertaining enough (don’t knock it till you’ve tried it) Rorschmap is a website created by James Bridle which takes Google Maps and creates Kaleidoscope like images out of them. Link

Google launches museum viewing service

It is now possible to browse a selection of museums using another new service from Google. Google has taken their controversial Street View one step f…

Tetris Building

At first it looks as if the Tetris L block has messed up your game in this Russian building. However, upon further investigation, the block was planned to fall this way in order to keep the bottom floors of the building from being wiped out. See more views with Google Street View. Link -via reddit [...]

"God" revealed on Google Street View

An anomalous object in the sky on Google Street View has sparked a flurry of unusual interpretations. The mysterious figure was sighted in the skies a…

The Late Movies: Next Media Animation

Next Media is a large news company based in Hong Kong, specializing in a wide array of media products. Recently one of their divisions, Next Media Animation, has gained attention for their CGI news reports of American news items. Tonight for the Late Movies we take a look at a few of these often hilarious [...]

Musician Stalks Google Street View Car to Gain Fame

Nate Heagy, a musician from Saskatoon, Canada, decided that the best way to promote his career was to get pictured on Google Street View. So he followed a Street View picture-taking car around his town until he could predict its path and get his image captured. CBC News quotes Heagy: “Promoting a band is hard. And [...]

Google Street View Guys

Hit Play or go to You Tube College Humor presents an instant classic: A funny road trip on the Street View highway, with actual Street View shots used as animated backgrounds and settings.

How Google Street View Works

(YouTube Link) Google’s Japan division released this stop motion film explaining (in a rather fanciful way) how Street View works. It features a cute little robot puttering around town, taking film photographs and painting over license plate numbers with a marker. The video is part of an effort to make the practice less appear less invasive [...]