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Cotton Candy Art

(Youtube link) A street vendor in Ciqikou, Chongqing, China, goes the extra mile to sell cotton candy that looks like multicolored flowers. -via Arbroath  

Wafer-Thin Caramel Dragon Lollipop

(Video Link) Strap down your brain because this video is mind-blowing. This guy is a street vendor, but more: he’s an artist who has perfected his craft. Watch this vendor paint a thin layer of caramel with a ladle, then mount it on a stick. Ordinary people are extraordinary in their own ways. -via That’s Nerdalicious!

Gravity-Defying Tea and Disappearing Ice Cream

When you order a hot dog from a street vendor in the USA, the guy slaps the dog in a bun and hands it to you. And it’s delicious. And that’s it. In Thailand, anyone who orders a “pulled tea” from a street vendor has a better-than-average chance of being in for a show. Like [...]