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Things Are About To Get Rough On The Naked Streets Of New York

Have you ever heard of the Naked Cowboy? He’s the street performer who has become famous for singing songs in New York’s Times Square wearing next to nothing. Well, his gimmick has met with opposition in the form of the Naked Indian, a man who has decided to battle NC for the right to perform on the [...]

Super Moonwalking

Forget moonwalking! Los Angeles street performer Eric Nash took it to a whole ‘nother level with this: Super Moonwalking. Hit play or go to Link [YouTube] – via Cubiclebot

The Bushman of San Francisco

(Video Link) David Johnson is a highly successful street performer ($60K per year) who hides behind a bush on busy sidewalks in San Francisco. When people walk by, he jumps out and surprises them. It works because they never suspect that a man is hiding behind that bush on the sidewalk. Link

Invisible Beggar

Serbian Nemanja Petrovic has promoted himself from panhandler to street performer. Tired of being ignored, he’s figured out a successful system of begging from just one inspired moment of frustration. As an act of protest the 42-year-old tossed his cap and shoes down on the street with a hand-written sign saying ‘Invisible Beggar’ while he [...]

Béla: L’Homme Chat

Béla is a street performer in France whose cats are the real stars of the show. His grandfather tamed tigers for the circus, and Béla carries on the tradition with house cats. And he is very protective of his cats when the occasion calls for it. This documentary by Paul Trillo has English subtitles when [...]

Dancing on the Street

Call Fox and get this guy on So You Think You Can Dance! Here’s a street performer in Paris doing … well, I don’t know quite how to describe it. Just watch: hit play or go to Link [YouTube]