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Man Turns Old Bus into Corner Office

According to internet rumor, a man in Hungary cut up a scrapped Ikarus bus and turned it into a home office. It’s probably no longer street legal, but the lights still work. You can see more photos at the link. Link -via Walyou

A Zamboni on the Freeway?

(Video Link) It looks like an ice resurfacer, but this is actually Daniel Bourgeois’s heavily modified 1984 Chevrolet truck. This street legal vehicle can ferry you and eleven of your friends in style in the Minneapolis, Minnesota area. Think: prom date. Photo Gallery -via Jalopnik

Lobster Motorcycle

Chefs at an exhibition hosted by the Fuzhou Hotel in Fuzhou, China, made motorcycle sculptures out of pieces of lobster. Warning: not street-legal in the US. Link -via Geekologie | Image: Xinhua/Zheng Shuai

Wooden Sports Car

The Japanese woodworking firm Sada-Kenbi has built a wooden, functional, street-legal sports car. It can reach speeds of up to 80 kph and costs $44,000 USD. The car has stylish gull wing doors and a stereo. More pictures and a video at the link. Link via The Presurfer | Company Site (in Japanese) | Photo: SPGRA