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Clever Costumes Inspired By Banksy Street Art

Photo: Craftzine Photo: Wikimedia Commons Bringing a Banksy street art piece to life is no simple task, but this clever costume really delivers the goods! With contrasting painted patches that mirror the white sections of the original stencil, and a splash of color in the flowers, Banksy’s artwork can now hit the streets and trick-or-treat!

Satellite Dish Art

When life gives you lemon, make lemonade. When it gives you satellite dishes, you make this. Spotted in Digbeth, Birmingham, UK – via Street Art Utopia

Awesome 3D Pac-Man Street Art

This mind blowing work of 3d street art makes me want to walka-walka-walka on the other side of the street so I don’t get lost in the maze! Painted, and subsequently, photographed by Leon Keer in Venlo, the Netherlands, this cute and colorful work illustrates the world’s undying love of video games. Link  –via Obvious Winner

The Art Of Yarn Bombing

(YouTube Link) Yarn Bombing is the softest and cuddliest form of street art, and Yarn Bombers are busy making the world a brighter and cozier place. In this video, episode 12 of the horribly titled series American Hipster Presents, we get to hear from Philadelphia yarnaholic Ishknits, and find out why Yarn Bombing is the only street [...]

Show Biz Ruined SpongeBob!

Don’tcha know that SpongeBob was going to end up out from under the sea and onto the hard streets of Rome, Italy? Via Street Art Utopia and Cubiclebot Previously [...]

Bizarre Street Art Promotion For Goodwill

  These spooky figures, holding a note with their faces obscured, are part of a strange street art advertising campaign by Red Agency for Goodwill stores, to illustrate that Goodwill is the best place to buy costumes. The slogan is “Be Anything This Halloween”, but I don’t think I’ll be going to this year’s Halloween bash dressed [...]

Street Light Graffiti Art

Love urban art or hate it, but you gotta admit, this graffito by Pavel Puhov is kind of clever! From Street Art Utopia: Link


We’ve featured OakOak before on Neatorama, but the playful French urban artist has a new street art. This one above is my favorite! Link

In Case of Fire, Please Calmly Exit the Building Down the Alligator

The street artist ROA ! made this enormous mural on a building in Atlanta, Georgia. It was his contribution to the Living Walls Conference, a street art symposium. Link -via My Modern Met | Conference Website

Brain Error Street Art

Timm Schneider a.k.a. Kong, the German designer behind the Cartoon Eyes Street Art and many other projects, has a new thing going. This time he’s putting up error messages on advertisements. The message reads: An Error has occurred in your brain This process has caused fatal boredom and therefore will be closed permanently. Please save all [...]