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Cassette Portraits

With perfectly minimal accents, artist Beloit Jammes turns audio cassettes into portraits and movie posters. This one almost certainly references Kill Bill. You can view the rest at Jammes’s Flickr stream. Artist’s Flickr Stream -via Ian Brooks

Making Money off Mobile

As more and more of our time online is spent on our mobile devices, big companies like Facebook and YouTube are finally trying to monetize in the mobile space. I’ve been working with YouTube since it came out in 2005. You may recall that they never served ads up on the Web before videos for [...]

Generic Names for Streams

Is it a creek, a run, a stream, or a brook? Or something else entirely? Across the contiguous United States, people use different names to describe small bodies of running water. Derek Watkins made this map showing the toponyms used in different regions. Click on the first link to view a larger version. Larger Image and [...]

Velma the Vampire Hunter

Illustration by Travis Pitts Dr. Monster (Travis Pitts) created this illustration for his Flickr ‘Stream. Pitts calls it “we’ve got some work to do now,” and it clearly tells a dramatic tale. Note the R.I.P. S+F+D (Shaggy, Fred & Daphne). Link