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DNA Sans Font

Say it with love … and DNA! Researchers from Harvard Medical School have made letters and wingdings out of DNA. Each one of the letter above is made from a single strand of the genetic material: Each strand is unique, and folds [...]

Stop Motion Crochet – Arthur Animated

This stop motion short is entitled Arthur Animated, and it documents Jo Hamilton’s amazing crochet portraiture skills, as she creates a larger than life portrait of her sadly now deceased friend Arthur Cheesman. Head over to Boing Boing if you want to watch Jo’s masterpiece grow, strand by strand, right before your eyes. Link  –via Boing Boing

The Truck With 3,000 Christmas Lights

Twenty-five years ago, Kris Marshall of Iowa draped a strand of Christmas lights across his pickup truck. Now, eight incarnations later, the Christmas Truck has 3,000 lights. Matt Hardigree writes for Jalopnik: It’s amazingly nontechnical, it’s literally just lights taped to a truck. According to Marshall “It’s not very scientific, it’s a hideous site in the [...]