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Developers Demolish Stairways To Evict Family on the Seventh Floor

When Mum Zhao Yanhong refused to leave her seventh story apartment, developers in Mianyang, China demolished every staircase in the apartment complex. Mum Zhao Yanhong, 42, claims developers – who want to demolish the flats in Mianyang, south west China, to build a factory – hired thugs to force out other residents but she refused to [...]

Toddler Falls Six Floors Unhurt

An 18-month-old girl in Paris fell out of a sixth-story apartment window Monday afternoon. She bounced off a canopy over a ground-floor cafe and into the arms of a doctor who was passing by! The man who caught the girl was walking by with his wife and son when the boy spotted the girl falling. Another witness [...]

The Leaning Tower of Liuzhou

(Live Leak link) A building demolition in Liuzhou, China went horribly wrong on Wednesday. Experts planned for the building to be split in two, but they expected both halves to fall down. Instead, one half of the 22-story apartment building was left leaning at a dangerous angle. It has since been brought down by crane. Link [...]