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Three Tries, No Jewels

Two men attempted to break into a jewelry store in Beaudesert, Australia, on New Year’s Eve by breaking through the back wall of the building. However, when they went through the wall, they found themselves in a KFC outlet -which was still open! The two took the opportunity to hold up the restaurant, and made [...]

The Store Mannequins Are Watching You

The creepy store mannequins sure are getting creepier! The new "EyeSee" mannequins by Italian company Almax have cameras inside their eyes that can track customers as they shop: The EyeSee looks ordinary enough on the outside, with its slender polystyrene [...]

Buy a Diamond, Get a Free Gun

Like grandpa always said, nothing goes together as well as engagement rings and rifles. A jewelry store in Atlanta, Georgia, is offering a sweet package deal if you want both. D. Geller and Son is giving away a free gun to customers who buy a diamond. Owner Mike Geller said he got the idea, after seeing a [...]

Dubstep Music with Power Tools

(Video Link)  Think of your local hardware store as a music store. With a few power tools, Mystery Guitar Man makes a mysterious object and music at the same time. -via NotCot

Guess (Doctor) Who

(Video Link) No, you can’t get this from the store (yet), but man do I wish you could. Consider all the great obscure trivia you could use to eliminate certain characters from your list of potential people. Via The Mary Sue

Shoplifter Betrayed by Hot Peppers

Marcus Banwell learned the hard way that if you steal hot peppers, you should wait until you are away from the store before you eat them. Banwell had apparently ingested at least one Scotch Bonnet pepper from the Singh Store in Bristol, England. The store owner heard a commotion as Barnwell doubled over and became [...]

Back to School Supplies

It’s not clear whether this store display is aimed toward parents or college students, but it must have been a deliberate joke. This picture is from a compilation of funny back to school signs that include, but are not limited to, hilarious educational misspellings. Link -via Buzzfeed

Man Calls 911, Gets Arrested

Tyranny, I tell you! A man in Columbia, Tennessee called 911 with a genuine beermergency. But police, rather than helping him, threw him in jail! “Hey, you want to take me to the store?” the man asked the dispatcher in a recording of the conversation. After some conversation where the man revealed his motive for wanting a [...]

This Floor Is Flat

This tripped out floor illusion was discovered in a Paris video game store, and is probably used as a deterrent against drunken shoppers! I would have to repeat the mantra “this floor is flat” when walking around this store, or else my vertigo might kick in and send me to the ground reeling with dizziness… LinkĀ  –via [...]

LEGO Battle of Helms Deep

This unbelievably detailed replica of the Battle of Helm’s Deep was created by Daniel Z was created for a department store display in Oslo, Norway. I don’t know about you guys, bit I would sure as heck shop at a store that prominently displayed something this delightfully geeky. Link Via Geekosystem