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Drop Motion Animation

Stop motion animation? Meh, that’s a dime a dozen. So Greg Condon decided to do something a bit different: drop motion animation! Take a look: Hit play or go to Link [Vimeo] – Thanks Greg!

New Ghoulish Delights From Hoxton Street Monster Supplies

London’s Hoxton Street Monster Supplies is a one stop shop full of all things deliciously dire, from several varieties of fear in a can, Bah Humbugs you can feed to old misers and Banshee Balls that make all the ghouls wail in delight. Check them out if you’re having trouble satisfying your monstrous appetite. Link  –via Super [...]

Swingin’ Bus Stop

There’s no indication of where this bus stop is, but it’s a great idea for the entire world! Link -via Breakfast Links

Stop Motion Animation Created With Spreadsheets

(YouTube Link) Creating a fluid and interesting stop motion animation can be tedious enough, but when you decide to animate via spreadsheet you’re just asking for trouble! Apparently Joe Penna, aka Mystery Guitar Man, likes tedious trouble, as he and his team converted 730 frames of video into this blocky stop motion music video. –via Endgadget

Man Has Argument with His 12-Year Old Self Courtesy of an Old VHS Tape

(Video Link) Stop scrolling and watch this video. It’s the funniest and awesomest thing you’ll see all day. When he was 12, Jeremiah McDonald made a video message for his future self. Now, 20 years later, he sticks the tape into his VCR and has a conversation with himself. Both are kind of disappointed with each other. -via [...]

The Chip Shop Awards

The fictional "Stop Childhood Obesity" campaign, one of the mildest examples I could find – by Creative Vein Ad people are a creative lot, but they’ve got to constraint themselves [...]

Optimus Prime Knitted Hat

It’s cold outside, but that won’t stop us. Autobots, roll out! Etsy seller BeeBeeKins knitted this non-transforming hat for those days when your antifreeze is low. Link -via Fashionably Geek

Stop Motion Crochet – Arthur Animated

This stop motion short is entitled Arthur Animated, and it documents Jo Hamilton’s amazing crochet portraiture skills, as she creates a larger than life portrait of her sadly now deceased friend Arthur Cheesman. Head over to Boing Boing if you want to watch Jo’s masterpiece grow, strand by strand, right before your eyes. Link  –via Boing Boing

Cake Advertisers Give The Public A Free Taste

I recently posted an article about the baked potato advertising campaign that uses scented bus stop posters to sell their spuds to hungry riders (link). Well, fellow UK company Mr Kipling didn’t want to merely use scented posters to advertise their tasty cakes, so they’re also giving away free samples. They’ve installed 19 free cake dispensing posters [...]

Proteigon: Amazing Papercraft Stop Motion Animation

This one is gorgeous: Proteigon, a mesmerizing papercraft stop motion animation made in two months by Steven Briand. Absolutely brilliant in its minimalist approach! Hit play or go to Link [Vimeo] – via Vultured