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Halloween Awakening

(YouTube link) There are many stop-motion video of pumpkins carving themselves, but this one has a twist. Five years after we first posted this video, it still makes me smile.  

A LEGO Hobbit Halloween

(YouTube link) Merry and Pippin learn the hard way that Halloween pranks can backfire! Enjoy this stop-motion LEGO animation by the Brotherhood Workshop. -via Daily of the Day

Penny Finds Her Brave

Penny has a problem.  She is very brave and she doesn’t know it- or at least according to the people over at The stop motion video created by the website is part of a program to promote the launch of a new App that helps kids get over their nightly fears. The App is a [...]

Batman Stop Motion Animation Made With Action Figures

(YouTube Link) The one thing this stop motion version of the Batman: Dark Knightfall trailer’s missing is moving mouths on the characters. It was made using hyper-realistic action figures from the Hot Toys line, and the figures give surprisingly good performances! It’s good to see the Heath Ledger version of Joker again, even if only in toy form. –via [...]

In the Hall of Mechanical King

(Video Link) In 11,000 photographs, YouTube user nothinghereok documented his overhaul of a Triumph Spitfire engine. Watch this enchanting stop-motion animated presentation of the engine disassembling, cleaning and reassembling itself…followed by a terrifying conclusion. -via Colossal

Newest Trailer For Frankenweenie

(YouTube Link) Tim Burton is finally going to be able to see one of his very first projects come to life on the big screen in the animated treatment of Frankenweenie! This feature length animated film has the morbid stop motion style you’ve come to expect from Burton, and looks like it will be a ghoulishly good [...]

Celestial Lights

Celestial Lights is an absolutely gorgeous stop motion video clip by Ole C. Salomonsen of Arctic Light Photo about the northern lights. Ole filmed the video in the northern parts of Norway, Finland and [...]

Stop Motion Short – Perfect Holiday

(YouTube Link) Perfect Holiday is the kind of surf video that your toys will enjoy, a stop motion surfstravaganza and a fun way to kick off the summer. You can sit down and watch this fun animated short with your kids while you’re planning your summer vacation, and it might inspire them to find fun new ways [...]

Stop Motion Crochet – Arthur Animated

This stop motion short is entitled Arthur Animated, and it documents Jo Hamilton’s amazing crochet portraiture skills, as she creates a larger than life portrait of her sadly now deceased friend Arthur Cheesman. Head over to Boing Boing if you want to watch Jo’s masterpiece grow, strand by strand, right before your eyes. Link  –via Boing Boing

The Post-It Note Video Game

(Video Link) It no doubt took a lot of time and effort to create a stop-motion video game out of nothing but Post-It notes, but the animators at prestigious French engineering school École nationale supérieure des mines de Saint-Étienne proved that their dedication to the project was certainly worth the time investment. Via The Daily What