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Playing The Viral Market

How good are you are predicting viral videos? Do you also happen to enjoy the stock market? Then you will love the Viral Video eXchange – an online stock market game. You can view trending videos, buy stock in videos, spend and earn (fake) money, and so on. I personally just bought 100 shares of [...]

Now You See It, Now You Don’t

Street artist David Choe gained some notoriety when it was revealed that he was paid in stock for a mural he painted at Facebook headquarters several years ago -stock that turned out to be worth millions when the company went public. His latest project was not so lucky. Choe painted this mural on a wall [...]

The Superstitious Stock Market Fund

Since investing in the stock market is a little bit like reading tea leaves, artist Shing Tat Chung decided to take it all the way: he has created a stock fund that trades on superstitions. “We have to realise that actually when [...]

Here’s A Funny GIF About Facebook Stock

As I mentioned above, here’s a GIF about Facebook stock prices plummeting, and the movie version of Zuckerberg isn’t taking the news very well. It took me on an emotional rollercoaster ride and wasted ten valuable seconds of my life that I’ll probably miss when the Grim Reaper shows up pointing his bony finger at me. [...]

The World’s Most Downloaded Man

Photographer Fernando Martins of Camera Clara Photography Studio is angry. Very angry. Fernando is miffed that stock photography – those generic images of models that you can buy for cheap – are competing with his own high-quality photography [...]

6 Strange Cameras

If there’s one thing I’ve learned over my years, it’s that people will try to put a camera in anything. For instance, this creative fellow took a Polaroid camera, stripped it down and then reassembled it using all LEGO pieces. It includes a manual crank that takes 23 clicks to advance one frame. Or how about [...]

How the People of Green Bay Came to Own the Packers

© Mark Cowan/Icon SMI/Corbis At some point during each NFL season (or protracted NFL lockout), fans are bound to hear an announcer mention that the Green Bay Packers are “owned by the people of Green Bay.” Really? Let’s take a look. Are the Packers really publicly owned, or is that just a myth? It’s no myth. The [...]

Doctor Who’s 11th Doctor Sonic Screwdriver (Actual Screwdriver)

Doctor Who’s 11th Doctor Sonic Screwdriver (Actual Screwdriver) - $38.95 Attention Doctor Who fans! Doctor Who’s 11th Doctor Sonic Screwdriver (Actual Screwdriver) is back in stock at the NeatoShop! This nifty gadget is a fully-functioning screwdriver. The Doctor Who’s 11th Sonic Screwdriver (Actual Screwdriver) comes with 3 different sized (S,M,L) interchangeable and reversible Philips and flat-head tips. [...]

The 11 Coolest and Weirdest Tumblr Blogs

While there are plenty of bizarre Blogger and Word Press pages, the number of off-the-wall Tumblr accounts is a little astonishing. I don’t know what it is about Tumblr, as opposed to all the other blog programs out there, but something about it just seems to inspire people to create some of the weirdest sites [...]

The Best in Sexual Harassment Stock Photography

Do you need a stock photo to illustrate some point in a presentation? Specifically, that you shouldn’t grope your co-workers? Stock photo companies try to meet all sorts of needs, including this one. Abe Sauer of The Hairpin rounded up some of the oddest pictures of sexual harassment from stock photo archives, and this picture [...]