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Lilo and Stitch Deleted Scene

(YouTube link) A scene that didn’t make it into the finished film Lilo and Stitch confronts racism among tourists, but Disney dropped it late in the production. -via Buzzfeed

11 Geeky Craft Creations, Including Rainbow Brite vs. Strawberry Shortcake

There’s a lot of variety in geek crafting. Whether you geek out over Star Wars, Pokemon or marine biology, there are plenty of subjects for you to enjoy, whether you prefer them rendered via crocheting, sewing or felting. Cross Stitch If you spent your childhood playing Nintendo, then you’ll recognize the screen this cross stitch has captured [...]

A Photo Realist Bea Arthur Cross Stitch

No, that’s not a picture, it’s a cross stitch created by Adam Jon Moore. That’s right, she’s made with nothing more than x’s. Link Via Craftzine

What Cartoon Kids Look Like All Grown Up

If our favorite toon people were allowed to age, which of course they’re NOT, we might not like how they turn out. Head to the link and witness a gallery of adult versions of cartoon children that is cute, funny and somewhat disturbing. This gallery made me think the following: How did Spongebob grow up to be [...]

Mounted Plush of Boba Fett Being Devoured by the Sarlacc

Becky Gould made this plush of Boba Fett meeting a well-deserved fate in the bowels of the Sarlacc. It’s one of her contributions to Stitch Wars, an annual exhibition of Star Wars-themed crafts hosted by the Bear and Bird Boutique. Link -via Super Punch | Stitch Wars Information Previously: Sarlacc Throw Pillow

Bless This Hizzy Cross Stitch

CraftZine has a great interview with the guys who run the Steotch website, a haven for humorous cross stitch, and while the interview is worth a read, it’s this “Bless This Hizzy Fo Shizzle” cross stitch that really caught my attention. It’s the first cross stitch I’ve ever seen that makes me think of Snoop [...]

Sistine Chapel Cross Stitch

When I was working on my geeky cross stitch article, I happened to come across this amazing piece, but I couldn’t include it because it just wasn’t nerdy. Even so, I thought that you guys would appreciate this stunning rendition of the Sistine Chapel done in cross stitch. There’s more detail at the link. Link via [...]

30 Great Geeky Cross Stitches

I recently posted a ton of awesome videogame cross stitches, but these are by no means the full extent of geeky cross stitches. This set may not appeal to gamers as much, but the projects are equally nerdy and just as intricate. Whether you prefer Star Wars, Keyboard Cat or Twitter, there’s certain to be [...]

Serenity Prayer: Resistance is Futile

Remember the Jabba The Hutt Serenity Prayer cross stitch we featured a while back? Well, Emily and Matt Fitzpatrick of Steotch have the second in the series, this time featuring Picard/Locutus from Star Trek: Link

Philip J. Fry Embroidery

Etsy seller It’s a Stitch makes all sorts of crafts, but her embroidered items are special treats, such as the above Futurama-inspired piece. She’s also embroidered diagrams for popular chemical compounds, like caffeine. Link via technabob