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No "Like" Lost in Facebook Double-Cross

Facebook lets me keep in touch with colleagues, friends and my grandma. But one pair of divorcees used everyone’s (least?) favorite social media site to destroy one another from afar in what turned out to be a pretty sneaky double-cross. Angela Voelkert, 29, set up her ex by creating a false Facebook identity, 17-year-old “Jessica Studebaker.” [...]

Woman held for ‘trying to sell moon rock’

A Californian woman was arrested in a sting operation trying to sell a moon rock for $1.7 million. The sale of moon rocks is illegal in the United Sta…

7 College Cheating Scandals

Note: As server migration week continues, we’re reposting a few oldies/goodies. Here’s one from May 2009. While Zack Morris and Mike Seaver may have made cheating look hilarious, there can be pretty sweeping repercussions. Just look at these epic college cheating scandals. 1. MBA Students Network a Bit Too Much Getting to know your classmates and learning how [...]