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How the Pogo Stick Leapt From Classic Toy to Extreme Sport

In the past few years, you’ve seen YouTube videos that scare you out of ever buying a pogo stick for the children in your family. They used to jump just a few inches off the ground! But not long ago, three inventors—toiling at home, unaware of one another’s existence—set out to reimagine the pogo. What was [...]

Ancient Poisoners Discovered

Image: Francesco d’Errico and Lucinda Blackwell Scientists studying the archaeological artifacts at the Border Cave in Africa discovered the earliest use of poison: The researchers also dated a lump of beeswax mixed with toxic resin that was likely used to haft, or attach, stone points to the shafts of arrows or spears. The beeswax dates to about [...]

New Year’s Oreo Pops

Take Oreo cookies, put them on a stick, dip them in candy, and stick the homemade chocolate numbers on top! Well, these cookie pops aren’t quite that easy, but you can get directions from Jill at Kitchen Fun with My Three Sons so you can make your own before New Year party time! Link

Joystick-It Arcade Stick (Mobile)

Joystick-It Arcade Stick (Mobile) – $17.95 Are you looking for a way to make your smartphone even more fun and interactive? You need the Joystick-It Arcade Stick (Mobile) from the NeatoShop. This fantastic removable and repositionable joystick uses a suction cup to attach to your screen. Remember to get two if your favorite game requires two [...]

8 Endangered Plant Species

We often post about endangered animals, but plants can go extinct as well. Plant species’ fortunes are affected by the actions of humans and other animals. Consider the strange case of the plant pictured here known as Cabbage on a Stick: Cabbage on a stick is pretty much what it sounds like: a tuft of leaves [...]

Shakespeare Finds Inspiration

William Shakespeare has writer’s block! In this story, his little stick figure friends, Romeo and Juliet, try to help out, but inspiration only comes when they give up. Shakesperean Tragedy (a comedy) was the final student project by Anna Cohen at Emuna College in Jerusalem. Link

Joystick-It iPad Arcade Stick

Joystick-It iPad Arcade Stick – $24.95 Mother’s Day is right around the corner. Is your Mom old school with new school moves? Get her the Joystick-It iPad Arcade Stick from the NeatoShop. With this little joystick she will be able to play all her old favorites on her favorite new toy. Be sure to check out the [...]

Brush Your Teeth with This Stick

A miswak is a tooth cleaning stick made from the Salvadora persica tree. It’s traditionally used in Pakistan, India, and the Middle East in place of a modern plastic toothbrush. The bristles inside the plant, once exposed by cutting across the stem, are effective as a cleaning instrument. Leen Sadder, a design student, decided to [...]

How Cars are Turning You Into Crappier Drivers

If everyone had to learn how to handle a stick shift, parallel park, and find their way around first, then the new automatic systems would be an assist instead of an excuse to drive without thinking. Let’s take a look at some ways technology does the driving for you. The roads have already been laid out [...]

How Do Pop-Up Turkey Timers Work?

The USDA National Agricultural Statistics Service estimates that 250 million turkeys will be raised in the US in 2009. If recent trends continue, some 45 million turkeys will be eaten this Thanksgiving. Some of those birds will be outfitted with a wonderful little piece of technology that tells you, in a very straightforward manner, when [...]