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Dr. Ruth’s Game of Good Sex and Other Absurd Celebrity Video Games

Making a good video game is incredibly difficult. It requires loads of talent, creativity, hard work and time. In contrast, making a bad video game is rather easy. Hand the task off to an intern or, barring that, a hyper 6-year-old, then kick back, drink a half rack of Hamm’s and watch Gossip Girl. Selling that [...]

House Raided by Sheriff, Star, Tank

Maricopa County, Arizona, Sheriff Joe Arpaio and visiting lawman Steven Seagal went on a raid to a home in the West Valley area of Phoenix, where a man was suspected of cockfighting. The search warrant was executed as the SWAT team rolled into the neighborhood in armored vehicles led by a tank. They arrested Jesus [...]

The Ultimate Moving: Troll-A Gas Platform

“QUANTUM SHOT” #658Link – article by Avi Abrams The biggest man-made object ever towed Immense Troll Tower to Move & Conquer! No it’s not something from the “World of Warcraft”, it’s an offshore oil rig, but a mind-numbingly huge one – in 1996 the Troll A platform set the Guinness World Record for ‘largest offshore gas platform’. It [...]

10 Worst SNL Hosts

Next week is Saturday Night Live’s season premiere, so what better way to celebrate than to look back at the iconic TV series’ worst host ever to be invited on the show? For example: Steven Seagal (April 20, 1991)Seagal bears the special distinction of being the SNL host with the least detectable sense of humor. It’s [...]

Steven Seagal Fighting Crime (For Real!)

What has action star Steven Seagal been doing since his box-office heyday of the mid 90s? Turns out he’s been battling crime. For real: he’s been working as an unpaid reserve deputy for Louisiana’s Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office. And now, it’s all going to be on TV: Seagal, 58, who has a second home in bayou country, [...]

The Late Movies: Actors Singing Awesomely Bad Songs

Crossing over the mythical line between acting and singing is a difficult proposition. Some have found success (Jamie Foxx). Some have found failure (Steven Seagal). And some are Joey Lawrence. Here are a few clips of actors who should have stayed behind the camera instead of leaping in front of a microphone. Remember Eddie Murphy’s How [...]