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Ventilated Bullets

The Comp Bullet is a intriguing invention by an Italian firm of the same name. The bullet feature vents that, the company claims, increase velocity and reduce noise. Steve at The Firearms Blog writes: According to the company, these vents reduce friction by allowing gas to lubricate the bullet as it passes through the barrel and [...]


(YouTube link) What ever happened to Steve on the TV show Blue Clues, who supposedly went off to college and handed off his dog Blue to his younger brother Joe? Steve Burns, who played the original host of the show, did not commit suicide or die of a heroin overdose as rumor had it. He just [...]

Man walks across the Thames on foot

Illusionist Steve “Dynamo” Frayne’s rise to fame continues as he walks on water across the Thames. Crowds of onlookers watched as the 28-year-old casu…

Lion Takes Nap on Top of Human

(Video Link) Shanta, a lioness who lives who lives at the Cedar Cove Feline Sanctuary in Kansas, is seen here dozing on her handler, Steve. But really, if a lion is using you as bedding, I don’t think that you can legitimately claim to be her “handler”. The relationship has been reversed at some point. via Geekosystem [...]

Michael J. Fox’s Middle Name is Andrew

Image credit: Maureen Donaldson/Getty Images Michael J. Fox was born 50 years ago today. But as Stacy Conradt once told us, he wasn’t Michael J. back then. He was Michael A. Fox, for Andrew. There was already a Michael Fox in the Screen Actors Guild, so I suppose Michael decided “J.” sounded better than “A,” eh? To [...]

Axe Guns

It’s hard to find much information about this type of firearm. Steve of The Firearm Blog suspects that these weapons were decorative rather than practical. There are apparently a couple examples on display in the armory at Castle Eltz in western Germany. Link | Photo:

The Late Movies: Steve Earle

In February, I braved the frozen tundra of Philadelphia’s Fishtown neighborhood to see Steve Earle in the intimate confines of the upstairs room at Johnny Brenda’s. I’ve been a fan of Earle’s for a long time and will happily, openly disagree with George Jones fans about who the “greatest living country singer” is, but seeing [...]

Beer Saves Horse’s Life

Australian Steve Clibborn had just about given up any hope that his champion horse Diamond Mojo would survive a bout of colic. As a last, desperate move, he resorted to old bush wisdom about feeding horses beer. It worked: “I had pretty much kissed him goodbye,” he said. “I had spent 23 hours straight with him but [...]

Bill Gates Wall Street Journal Ad

Thought that vintage Steve Jobs TV appearance was a charming reminder of simpler times? Check out his opposite number Bill Gates, posing with a floppy disk in this Wall Street Journal ad. An endearing, and remarkably prescient, snapshot of the early days of the partnership between computers and print media. via Advertising Lab

Young Steve Jobs Not Quite Ready for His Close-Up

(YouTube link) Once upon a time, before his fairy godmother gave him the magical Turtleneck of Confidence, Steve Jobs was a young man with interesting facial hair and an aversion to the TV cameras. We’re talking the kind of nervousness that is accompanied by serious intestinal distress. This clip is a true Mac classic. Back in the [...]