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The Missing Links: Death By Excitement

One Summer Film That’s Sure to Flop This compilation of insane belly flops will have your stomach hurting with laughter – and aching with empathy. * And One Summer Film That Definitely Won’t The Dark Knight Rises is only a few days away. And when you finally do see it, you’ll no doubt be left thinking, “This is awesome. [...]

Happy Birthday, Apple II

That’s right: 35 years ago today, Apple launched the Apple II (that’s Apple ][ for you purists) computer at the West Coast Computer Faire. It was to be Apple’s first iconic product (with the [...]

Equating Angels with Transistors: Shatner at His Best

In this 1976* AT&T promotional video, William Shatner explains the miracle of microprocessors. As an AT&T historian writes: “Back in 1976, microprocessors had a maximum of 8.5K transistors for 64bits of memory. The Queen of England sent her first email, and Steve Wozniak designed the Apple I.” The video is very Seventies with its retro-futuristic [...]

One of the Very First Apple Computers Is up for Auction

Apple-1 #82, handmade by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, is up for auction at Christie’s. It’s expected to sell between $159,800 and $239,700: According to the auction Web site, this version of the Apple computer is number 82 of those made, and was hand built by Steve Wozniak and then “despatched from the garage of Steve [...]

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Nolan Bushnell

His name may not ring any bells, but if you were born after 1970, chances are Nolan Bushnell had a hand in shaping your childhood. Let’s take a look at five things you might not know about this inventive businessman. © Roger Ressmeyer/CORBIS (1985) 1. He Invented Pong Yep, Bushnell’s the man behind the video game revolution. He [...]

Alphabet of Computing

If you think that Apple was founded by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, think again: there was a “third founder” of Apple. In 1976, Ronald Wayne gave up his 10% stake of the fledgling company for $800 because he was worried that the company would fold and that he would be liable for debts incurred [...]