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Ivory Soap In A Microwave

(YouTube link) According to Steve Spangler, the tiny amount of water in Ivory’s famous air bubbles heat up and expand. The end product is a “soap souffle”! -via The Daily What

Steve Spangler’s Soda Geyser Car

Steve Spangler has produced several toys based on the Coke/Mentos reaction, such as the Mentos Geyser Tube and the Soda Geyser Depth Charge Kit. The newest, the Soda Geyser Car, was introduced at Toy Fair 2011, which is still going on in New York City. Cool Things has two videos of the car in action, [...]

Mixing and Unmixing Colors in Fluids

(Video Link) Popular science educator Steve Spangler made this video to demonstrate laminar flow, which the Larousse Dictionary of Science and Technology defines as: A type of fluid flow in which adjacent layers do not mix except on the molecular scale. Spangler did so by injecting a container of transparent corn syrup with portions of colored corn syrup. [...]