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A Line Millions of People Long

Photo via Steve McCurry’s Simple Act of Waiting Think that you’re queueing in the longest supermarket checkout line ever? Well, at least you’re not in this line of millions of people [...]

The End of Kodachrome

After 75 years, the color film Kodachrome is neither sold nor processed. The last place that developed Kodachrome photographs was Dwayne’s Photo in Parsons, Kansas. Over the past year, photographers from all over the world have brought film to Dwayne’s for developing before it’s too late. Among the recent visitors was Steve McCurry, a photographer whose [...]

Happy Birthday, National Geographic Society!

On January 27, 1888, a group of 165 prominent men in Washington, DC incorporated a club called the National Geographic Society. Its first president, lawyer Gardiner Green Hubbard, was the father-in-law and early financier of inventor Alexander Graham Bell, another founding member. Hubbard was also the first president of the Bell Telephone company, known today as [...]