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The Missing Links: Internet-Use Disorder

Tim Burton GIFs Galore Jack Skellington, Batman, Beetlejuice, Edward Scissorhands, Willy Wonka, Pee-wee, Ichabod Crane and a slew of other characters from Burton’s iconic catalog, captured in moving pictures. * Thinking Back On That Place Where Everybody Knew Your Name The creators of Cheers participated in this fantastic oral history of the show. * Is Steve Jobs Still Alive? [...]

The Missing Links: The Anthropology of Comedy

It’s Casual Dress Friday It’s Friday, so you may be at your office right now wearing jeans. If so, your office is one of many with a relaxed end-of-week dress code. If you’re lucky enough to be dressed down today, you owe it to yourself to know the history of business casual. * Does Obamacare Cover Robots [...]

Happy Birthday, Apple II

That’s right: 35 years ago today, Apple launched the Apple II (that’s Apple ][ for you purists) computer at the West Coast Computer Faire. It was to be Apple’s first iconic product (with the [...]

Ashton Kutcher to Play Steve Jobs

Ashton Kutcher has reportedly been cast as the star of a planned independent film biography of Steve Jobs. The reaction from Apple fans has been mixed. You have to admit there is a strong resemblance, and an actors’ personality doesn’t have to match their role if they are good at what they do. What do [...]

Steve Jobs’ Abandoned Mansion

Here’s a photo tour of a once-opulent building that fell into ruin, but this one has a modern story, and the photographs are all that is left. The 17,000 square-foot Jackling Mansion was built in 1925 in Woodside, California. Steve Jobs lived there for abut ten years, but let it fall into disrepair after 2000. [...]

Can America Make the iPhone? (Hint: It’s Not About The Labor Cost)

Back in February, President Obama surprised Steve Jobs with a question of what it would take to make the iPhones in the United States, rather than China. Jobs replied that the iPhone could never be made [...]

Susan Kare, the Woman Who Brought Us Computer Icons

While she was a struggling young artist in San Francisco in the early 1980s, Susan Kare picked up a typeface design gig for an up and coming company called Apple Computers. She designed the first proportionally spaced digital font, and it greatly pleased Steve Jobs. So Kare stayed on and designed many graphic elements for [...]

Link Latte 169

#169 – Week of November 17, 2011 Twisting Dancing Cloud Phenomenon – [video & explanation]The Hidden Infrastructure of Internet – [fascinating]360 Panoramic Video Experience! – [click and drag]History of Typewriters… by lip sounds – [cool video]The Evolution of Western Dance Music – [interactive map]SuperCute Fix of the Day: Lovely Owls – [video]Enigmatic Ancient Celtic Artefact – [...]

Steve Jobs Cakes

These Apple-themed cake pops will be part of the Steve Jobs Inspired Cake Shop, a fundraiser in London next Wednesday for the organization Pancreatic Cancer UK. It’s part of series of events called Internet Week Europe. Oh yes, they’ll have candied apples, too! Find out more at Cakehead Loves Evil. Link

Steve Jobs, Made Out of Apples

Montreal, Canada, based artist Olivier Lefebvre created this portrait of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs out of … yes, real apples: Link – Thanks Yan!