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45 Things We Should Forget About 2011

Left to right: Toddlers & Tiaras prostitute costume, Adult Babies, Chicks with Steve Buscemi’s Eyes, "Doctor" Injected Woman’s Butt [...]

Will the Real Nucky Thompson Please Stand Up?

If imitation is really the sincerest form of flattery, Nucky Johnson should be pleased as punch. If he hadn’t died 43 years ago, I mean. That’s right – Nucky Johnson. The carnation-wearing county sheriff-turned-treasurer was the real-life inspiration for the character Steve Buscemi plays on Boardwalk Empire. In 1908, 25-year-old Nucky Johnson took over the sheriff [...]

Steve Buscemi Dress

We’ve already featured Chicks With Steve Buscemi Eyes, but now there’s chicks wearing Steve Buscemi eyes. As a girl, I would be super creeped out by the thought of wearing this, but what do you gents think? Would you be creeped out if you saw someone in this? Link

Chicks with Steve Buscemi Eyes

Ever wonder what some of Hollywood’s hottest starlets would look like if they had Steve Buscemi’s eyes? No? Well, thanks to the amazing Photoshop work of Chicks with Steve Buscemeyes, now you won’t be able to stop wondering. Is it just me, or does Taylor Swift with Steve Buscemeyes look a lot like Heather Graham? Link [...]

The Quick 10: Proper Names With Punctuation

Happy Punctuation Day! To help my fellow word nerds celebrate, today’s Q10 focuses on people and places with strange punctuation in their names. Perhaps I’ll start going by St@cy Conradt… 1. Named after the Charles Kingsley book by the same name, Westward Ho! is the only place in the British Isles with an exclamation mark in [...]