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The Chihuahua Christmas Song

(Video Link) Admittedly, this song is full of stereotypes, but when they’re about a dog recognized worldwide as the Taco Bell mascot, it’s not really that bad -especially when he’s this cute.

This Is What A Scientist Looks Like

Movies and television shows always show scientists as being stuffy older folks shrouded in white lab coats, but real scientists look much more like the rest of us than they would have you think. That’s why This Is What A Scientist is so great -it shows real scientists living their everyday lives, looking like regular [...]

The Cliques of Social Networking

How true are these stereotypes? I have accounts at a half-dozen of these networks, but since I don’t spend much time at any of them, it’s hard to keep up with trends. Found, of course, at a Tumblr blog. Link -via Buzzfeed

Science Cheerleaders

(YouTube link) Busting stereotypes wherever they go! Meet the Science Cheerleaders, former NBA and NFL cheerleaders who went on to careers in science and engineering -but still enjoy kicking up their heels! Link -via The Daily What

Personality Socks

Socks for your chairs? Yes, and they make your chair look like any of several stereotypes based on the style of socks. Get them in argyle (male or female colors), sporty, or striped. Your chairs will never get cold feet again! Link -via J-Walk Blog