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And the Most Peaceful Country in the World Is…

According to the Institute for Economics & Peace, the most peaceful country in the world is Iceland. Yes, the country that disrupted air travel across Europe with its spewing, unpronounceable volcano a couple of years ago. Icelanders have an upside for everything: they use the energy of volcanoes for heat. Iceland is one of the most [...]

Battleship Mystery Box Winners

Last week, we asked you to guess the funniest thing that could be inside the BattleShip Mystery Box. Today, we opened the box: The box itself is a work of art – the inside has printed flaps that look [...]

At the Libraries: No Donations Welcome

Each week Miss Kathleen provides links to a variety of stories about libraries, authors, and books. If there’s something noteworthy going on in your local library, leave us a comment! Looking for a way to combine your love of books and of Sir Mix-A-Lot? Bless you, Etsy. * If you have a child, or are a children’s librarian, [...]

Not Your Momma’s Cookbooks (Part 1)

For someone who doesn’t like to cook (and who rarely cooks), I sure own a lot of cookbooks; I love seeing all the different foods that can be made. In my ventures through the cookbook aisles, I’ve noticed some with less-than-typical main ingredients, cooking methods, and themes. This weekend, I’m sharing with you a sampling [...]

Smurfingly Smurftastic Facts About The Smurfs

While those of you with kids might have gone to see the Smurfs movie, I’m assuming the rest of you haven’t. From what I’ve heard, you aren’t missing much if you haven’t seen it, but I can’t talk from first-hand experience because I haven’t gone either. Regardless of what you think of the new movie, [...]

14 Facts You Might Not Know about The Addams Family

Ah, The Addams Family! Although this show lasted only two years — 1964 through 1966 — it has endured as a pop culture phenomenon, spawning movies, cartoons, revivals, and comics. Let’s take a look at some things you might not know about that show. 1. The show was preceded by the one-panel cartoons of Charles Addams, [...]

Diplomas Are Boring

Stephen put a lot of hard work into studying a “a particular cardiac arrhythmia” for his PhD. He is deservedly proud of achieving his diploma, but wanted something more interesting to display on his wall. This artwork is made up of words from his dissertation. Cool! Link -via reddit

Baby named after entire football team

Amanda and Stephen Preston decided to name their son after the names of an entire football team. The Burnley supporters decided to name their son Jens…

6 Terrifying Alternate Geek Histories

Alternate history asks what the world would be like if certain events in the past were somehow different. Shaun Clayton of Topless Robot has looked into geek history (TR prefers the term ‘nerd’, but that’s a debate for another day) and unearthed six horrifying possibilities. Let’s say, for example, Star Trek was revived prematurely with [...]

Hey, Grammar Nazis: Listen Up!

Many of you might recall the two-year long series of posts I wrote on this blog called “Weekend Word Wrap.” We had a lot of fun poking fun at language, word puns, grammar Nazis, pretty much anything word-related. And while it’s true that I occasionally blew off some steam, noting my annoyance with those who [...]