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Fleams, c. 1850

Yes, these are fleams. What’s a fleam, you ask? Why, just step right up, my friend, and I will tell you. Fleams are the latest thing in bloodletting. Are your humours out of balance? Got too much blood in your body? Put those leeches away. They’re positively medieval! Fleams are the answer. Baldness? Impotence? Bloating? Chicken [...]

How to Find Sunken Treasure

Modern treasure hunting isn’t all maps and shovels—it takes science, too. STEP 1: PICK A SHIPWRECK There are plenty of ships in the sea. According to UNESCO, roughly three million shipwrecks across the globe are just waiting to be found, and at least 100 of them boast potential values that top $50 million. So what’s the best-case [...]

Inside a Creepy Abandoned Soviet Submarine

It was decommissioned in 1995, but a step inside this Foxtrot B-39 (U 475) Russian submarine is enough to send you back to the Cold War. This Soviet submarine would spend weeks submerged with a full contingent of men crammed into the steel tube. Read more about it and see plenty of pictures at Environmental [...]

How to Make a Chocolate Model of Your Brain

Step 1 is to acquire a brain. I’m not going to ask where you got it. Just get the brain. Then, as Instructables member Inition advises, scan the brain of dubious provenance with a MRI machine. Use a 3D printer to create a latex mold and pour in the chocolate. If you’ve ever wanted to [...]

Custom Made Gears Of War Replica Shotgun

Show your fellow cosplayers that you mean business with this DIY Gears Of War replica shotgun, which lets you load actual shells and scare the crap out of anyone suckered in to believing it actually fires live ammo. Built by Mike Iverson of Blind Squirrel Props, the end result is stunningly realistic, and Mike was kind [...]

Inflatable Christmas Decorations

Are you big on holiday spirit, but short on time? Inflatable Christmas Decorations from the NeatoShop can help. Below is a simple step by step guide to creating instant cheer. Step one. Decorate your stoop with the Inflatable Wreath. Inflatable Wreath – $19.95 Step 2. Inflate the table top Christmas Tree. Inflatable Christmas Tree (ornaments not included) – $11.95 Step [...]

Discovering the secrets of sleep

Scientists may be one step closer to discovering the exact enzyme responsible for waking people up. “Sleep, one of the most mysterious regular shifts …

Dumbbell Cutlery Turns Eating into Exercise

The Irish design firm Cheeky Shop came up this this great way to get into shape. Step 1: acquire a cheesecake. Step 2: get out this cutlery set. Step 3: eat! The knife and fork weigh 1 kilogram each and the spoon 2 kilograms. Link -via The Presurfer

China prepares to launch "space lab"

The unmanned module will later join with another module to test docking procedures in space. It is another step towards China’s goal of constructing a…

New microchip rivals the human brain

IBM have developed microchips capable of rewiring themselves and mimicking the human brain. The chips are being hailed as the first step in a new era …