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The Stem-Cell Breakthroughs That Won the Nobel Prize

Two scientists who each made a major discovery — four decades apart — share the science world’s prestigious award. KYODO/Reuters/Landov On Monday, the Nobel Prize in Medicine was awarded to two biologists for their breakthroughs in the field of stem-cell research — two discoveries that happened 44 years apart. The honors go to Britain’s Sir John B. [...]

Living Stem Cells Survive in Corpse 17 Days After Death

How long do stem cells in your body last after death? New research by histologist and neuropathologist Fabrice Chrétien shows that stem cells can last much longer without oxygen and nutrients than previously thought: Apparently [...]

New Fossil Animal Looks Like a Tulip

A prehistoric creature found in the Canadian Rockies has been named Siphusauctum gregarium, which is both a new genus and species. It lived 500 million years ago, when the area now nickenamed the “Tulip Beds” was underwater. Siphusauctum has a long stem, with a calyx – a bulbous cup-like structure – near the top which encloses [...]

Transplantable Teeth Grown In Mice, May Grow In Your Face Someday

In this amazing month of stem cell research advancement, we have seen a replacement trachea grown from scratch, clues that may use stem cells to cure blindness, and now mice have grown transplantable molars. For those of you that are missing teeth, like me, this means that you’ll soon be able to grow your own [...]

The First Synthetic Trachea Transplant

Swedish surgeons at Karolinska University Hospital have successfully grown a donor free trachea and transplanted it into a patient, who is now recovering and doing well. The organ was created using the patients own stem cells, which were harvested from his bone marrow, and was grown in just two days. Using stem cells in this [...]

Pigs could grow human organs

In a new stem cell breakthrough, pigs could be used to grow human organs for use in transplants. The idea behind “chimeric animals” is not limited to …

Stem Cell Research Could Lead to a New Type of Breast Reconstruction

Recent experiments by stem cell researchers suggest that a new type of breast reconstruction and augmentation may be on the horizon: Trials in breast growth (and re-growth in the case of breast cancer survivors recovering from mastectomies, lumpectomies and quadrantectomies) have been promising. Since the tissues induce the formation of blood vessels, the regenerative cells link [...]

Human Procreation in Space Could Be Dangerous

You may want to reconsider getting pregnant (or impregnating someone) while in space. Low or zero gravity may impair the development of healthy embryos: Microgravity apparently tampers with stem cells, which all other cells originate from. Stem cells normally act as a repair system for the body by replenishing its tissues.[...] After this experiment, the cells showed [...]

New stem cell treatment could cure blindness

Trials could soon begin of a controversial new treatment using stem cells to treat a form of incurable blindness, if a license is granted the scie…

Putting Liposuction Leftovers to Good Use

Ever wonder what happens to all the fat sucked out during liposuction? If you feared it was going to waste, worry no more. According to a study in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, the gelatinous material can be converted into embryonic stem cells. “We’ve identified a great natural resource,” said Stanford surgery professor [...]