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Living Stem Cells Survive in Corpse 17 Days After Death

How long do stem cells in your body last after death? New research by histologist and neuropathologist Fabrice Chrétien shows that stem cells can last much longer without oxygen and nutrients than previously thought: Apparently [...]

Transplantable Teeth Grown In Mice, May Grow In Your Face Someday

In this amazing month of stem cell research advancement, we have seen a replacement trachea grown from scratch, clues that may use stem cells to cure blindness, and now mice have grown transplantable molars. For those of you that are missing teeth, like me, this means that you’ll soon be able to grow your own [...]

The First Synthetic Trachea Transplant

Swedish surgeons at Karolinska University Hospital have successfully grown a donor free trachea and transplanted it into a patient, who is now recovering and doing well. The organ was created using the patients own stem cells, which were harvested from his bone marrow, and was grown in just two days. Using stem cells in this [...]

PETA Offers $1 Million Prize for Lab-Grown Meat

No stranger to controversy and publicity stunts, PETA is back – and this time, the animal rights group is putting money where its mouth is: PETA is offering a $1 million reward to the first scientist to produce and bring to market lab-grown meat. Scientists around the world are researching or seeking the funds to research [...]

Human Procreation in Space Could Be Dangerous

You may want to reconsider getting pregnant (or impregnating someone) while in space. Low or zero gravity may impair the development of healthy embryos: Microgravity apparently tampers with stem cells, which all other cells originate from. Stem cells normally act as a repair system for the body by replenishing its tissues.[...] After this experiment, the cells showed [...]

Grow Your Own Replacement Teeth

A group of British scientists suggest that you will soon be able to replace missing teeth by growing replacements. The procedure is fairly simple. Doctors take stem cells from the patient. These are unique in their ability to form any of the tissues that make up the body. By carefully nurturing the stem cells in a [...]

New stem cell treatment could cure blindness

Trials could soon begin of a controversial new treatment using stem cells to treat a form of incurable blindness, if a license is granted the scie…