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A Party Rockin’ Pumpkin Named DJ Pump

This is DJ Pump on the wheels of steel, keepin’ it old school in the pumpkin patch as he scratches records and feels the grooves with his stem hands. He was brought to life by Andy Bergholtz, a sculptor who works with a variety of mediums including the most temporary of them all- pumpkins! Link  –via Laughing [...]

Ring-rolling Machine

I don’t know what’s happening and I don’t know what it’s for, but I just can’t stop watching! Here’s a ring rolling machine from a Chinese forge making a red-hot glowing steel ring. I suspect you haven’t seen anything [...]

Alligator Guitar

Rhinehart of Athens, Ohio sculpts and paints beautifully eccentric but fully functional guitars. Many are shaped like fish, the rear ends of horses, birds and dragons. This alligator is a lap steel guitar: Modeled on the Fender 8-string Stringmaster and Deluxe steels featuring 2 pickups with volume, tone, and blend for dialing in the perfect tone [...]

Cutting Grass with a Rifle

After sending several hundred .22 LR rounds downrange at a steel popper target, Jay Grazio found that he had cut a nice edge through the lawn. It’s a slow way to do your mowing, but it gets the job done with precision. Well, assuming that you’re a good shot. Link

Cityscape Made with Stacked Books by Liu Wei

Chinese artist Liu Wei created large scenes of crumbling cityscapes made from stacks of schoolbooks, held together by steel rods and wood clamps. CollabCubed has the pics: Link – via Notcot [...]

We Go Together Like Drunk And Disorderly Flask

We Go Together Like Drunk And Disorderly Flask – $19.95 Are you looking for a gift that sums up your extra special friendship? You need the We Go Together Like Drunk And Disorderly Flask from the NeatoShop. This eye-catching 4 oz. stainless steel flask comes with a handy dandy stainless steel funnel. Filling and refilling and [...]


The octopus with its soft and flexible tentacles is a marvel of locomotion and  manipulation. The Octopus Project hopes to mimic those qualities in a machine. They’ve not quite made a completely soft robot octopus yet, but they’ve got the tentacles figured out. First, those big tentacles at the front are labeled as “SMA Arms,” which [...]

President Kennedy Riding a Robot Unicorn with a Lightsaber Horn While on the Moon Hunting Aliens

Jason Heuser, one of the great artists of our age, creates heroic images of US Presidents, including Teddy Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln. Roosevelt and Lincoln used guns against their foes, but Kennedy preferred cold steel. Here he is, at his finest, doing cleanup work on the moon. Link -via blastr

3,117 Coins Stacked on One Dime

Got nerves of steel, thousands of coins, and seven hours to kill? No? How about four minutes and a web browser? Okay, perfect. In this video, YouTube dude Tai Star stacks “600 quarters, 501 dimes, 313 nickels, 1699 pennies, [and] 5 foreign coins” all resting on a single original dime. [...]

Man Gets Plastic Surgery to Look Like Superman

Herbert Chavez of the Philippines loves Superman so much that he’s had numerous cosmetic surgeries to make himself look like the Man of Steel (or some popular versions of him). Specifically, he’s had chin implants, rhinoplasty, lip injections, and hip implants. Aquaman, for unknown and probably unknowable reasons, never gets this kind of adoration. Video -via [...]