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Stay Puft Birthday Cake

Poppet with a camera made this awesome Ghostbusters birthday cake featuring the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man getting zapped! See more pictures of it in her Flickr set. Link -via Geeks Are Sexy (Image credit: Flckr user poppet with a camera)

Erwin Wurm’s Marshmallow Art

Well, these items are not actually made out of marshmallows–it just seems like it. Austrian artist Erwin Wurm has created an exhibit called “Wear Me Out” featuring items that people occupy such as sweaters, homes and odd Peep-looking… things (Peep/Human hybrids?) I’m not sure, but that may be the childhood home of the Stay-Puft marshmallow [...]

Stay Puft Mini Talking Plush Keychain

Stay Puft Mini Talking Plush Keychain – $9.95 How do you like your Stay Puft Marshmallow Man? Do you like him happy or angry? The NeatoShop likes him both ways. If you are a Ghostbusters fan you need to check out the Stay Puft Mini Talking Plush Keychain from the NeatoShop. Push his tummy and hear him [...]

Our Little Robot Buddies

LinkScroll down for today’s pictures & links. Our Little Robot Buddies Say Hello To Our Little Friends!.. From the fantastic 1stAveMachine (who also did “Plants With Eyes”) comes this clever and amusing look at what our cute little robot buddies might look like in the near future: Link Today’s pictures and links: [...]