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Mars Photo Sets Record on Neatorama Facebook

This morning we set a new record over on our Facebook page: 51 people liked, 12 people shared and 4 people commented on a photo of Earth, Jupiter and Venus, as seen from Mars. This, in and of itself, is no big deal. We’ve had status updates receive more than 10,000 likes on our Facebook [...]

Skull Photo Generator

In some circles skull logos are the utmost classy status symbol. So why not upload your own photo and have it converted into a skull? This site will even take the picture for you. Link

NASA moves X-34s out of storage

After ten years in storage NASA are considering bringing the X-34s back to operational status. The X-34s are being inspected to determine if they are …

DIY $100 Origami iPhone Stand

You’ve got an iPhone, so surely you deserve an iPhone stand that speaks of your high social status. No cheapie stand for you – so, how about one that costs $100? Enrique Pardo explains how to make your very own origami iPhone stand out of a $100 bill (yes, technically you can also use a [...]

Lord of the Rings Facebook Updates

We’ve previously featured Facebook status updates from the characters of Star Wars and DC Comics heroes. Now Jason Michaels of College Humor puts the characters of The Lord of the Rings through the same treatment. Five more at the link. Link via Geekologie