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Space Invader Under The Sea

Remember those really cool statues placed under the sea by artist Jason DeCaires Taylor that we posted a while back? (LINK) Well, they appear to have been visited by an otherworldly force of pixel art known as Space Invader! The crafty tile artist has added his signature to the menagerie of humanoid statues, with Jason’s permission of [...]

Easter Island heads have full bodies

New archaological digs on Easter Island have revealed tall bodies buried beneath the stone heads. While most of the statues on the enigmatic island ap…

A Flock Of Steampunk Birds

These bird sculptures look as if you could wind them up and watch them take off! Created by Jim and Tori Mullan, these marvelous pieces were crafted using found objects attached to wooden bird statues. These would have fit right in during the Victorian era, and you can’t get much more steampunk than that! Link

Baboon god statue found in Egyptian ruins

The remains of statues including those of a pharoah and an Egyptian baboon god have been unearthed. The find was made during an excavation at Amenhote…

Unusual Statues and Sculptures

Most Amazing Unusual Statues and SculpturesStrange, bizarre, unique and Odd sexy… statues & sculptures around the world But still very interesting. Statue are not always in a formal way. they can be strange and unusual, the sculptor’s imagination reflect in statues design. Have a look at this statues.

Funny cool pic

Best statues of Worlds Funny cool pic